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Comments for Full-time RVing — What about your driver’s license?

  • Bear in mind also that the company that insures your rig, even knowing that you are a full-timer, must have a physical address and can only communicate with you, i.e. mail documents, bills, etc., at that address.

  • How does this coming Gold Star drivers listened requirement on current drivers listened qork with liscense that expire after the effective date of the new requirement???

  • Prior message garbled by spell check.
    Issue questioned is current liscence issued prior to effective date of coming new gold star requirement for residence requirement?

  • Article wasn’t clear on “forms of identification”. After 2020 only a driver’s license will work on an airline? So are they saying a passport won’t work?

  • While the REAL ID act isn’t new (we got our first compliant drivers licenses from South Dakota about 7 years ago), it’s good that the whole 2018 TSA thing gets some press now to minimize “gotcha” moments. But, I’m confused about the statement, “But come 2020, you’ll need a license from a compliant state or you won’t be going anywhere”. What new requirements come into effect in 2020? Certainly, passports will still be valid for TSA and they can’t keep you from flying if you don’t have a driver’s license, right?

    Isn’t a large part of this issue that some states have refused to comply with the Feds in the first place? I know we didn’t have a choice in SD between compliant and non-compliant licenses. And in Arizona, where we winter, there was a lot of buzz last year about the state finally giving in to create an option for people to get one but at a pretty steep surcharge.

  • South Dakota actually requires a receipt showing your SD mail forwarding service address and you only need 24 hours of “residency” not 30 days. We got our licenses 3 years ago and they have a gold star on them, compliant with the REAL ID Act. Our mail service is a physical address fulfilling all normal requirements. The employees at our service are very knowledgeable regarding requirements and very helpful with facts and information, plus we have never had a problem with their service.

  • Escapees RV Club in Livingston, Texas, won a legislative battle to gain their own postal code for their mail forwarding service. They have an awesome mail processing facility at their Rainbow Park in Livingston. The “population” of the mail service exceeds the population of the town of Livingston! Escapees explains in detail how to obtain domicile in Texas, So. Dakota, or Florida (the preferred states), and they have the chops to back it up.

  • We use Americas Mailboxes in Rapid City South Dakota. They are very proactive and we have never had any problems. I highly recommend them.