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Comments for Full-time RVers: What object(s) could you NOT leave behind?

    • Ditto. I replicate calendars and call them calendar quilts – they are beautiful appliqué
      quilts. But the best part is, I give them all away. I’ll upgrade my sewing machine, but will never be without one!

  • A God Bless Our Home plaque that was given to my parents on their wedding day, May 12, 1940. My father passed it on to me after my mother died. One of the first things I did after purchasing our Class A motorhome was to hang the plaque above the windshield on the passenger’s side.

  • Somehow over the years I had accumulated a number of stuffed animals. I kept one small one that reminded me of each of our children and grandchildren – Yogi Bear for one grandchild that loved to camp at Jellystone Parks, mini- Mickey and Minnie for the other granddaughter I took to Walt Disney World, a Chef Mickey to remind me of our chef son, Toy Story Woody for the sons that loved Toy Story so much and Ernie for the son that my husband used to sing “Rubber Ducky” to when my he took a bath. As much as I think about getting rid of the clutter on the side of the dash, every time I look at them I smile.

  • When each of my 3 sons were in 3rd grade the school brought them on a field trip to a museum. I used to collect dolphins and each of my boys bought me a small glass dolphin in the museum gift shop. The funny part is each of the boys bought me the exact same dolphin! The gift shop still sells them to this day! Could never part with those 3 tiny things.

  • A handcrafted wooden angel, given to us on our wedding day, by a dear friend. She said as long as we kept the angel, she would watch I we us and keep us safe. As we sit directly in Irma’s, all prepped and tied down, on our 28th anniversary, I have complete faith that everything here will be fine. That Angel stayed with us as we were full timers and kept us safe all over the country, through lots of adventures.

  • 25 years worth of handwritten travel journals. Probably 80lbs of words and paper.
    Thanks Chuck and Gail for your time. I greatly appreciate your interest and advice.

  • I would just sell everything not needed and leave some furniture and then BNB the house. Bare necessities. Otherwise, give me my lap top, my tablet, phone and television and we are good to go.

  • My best friend’s ashes. We travelled to a lot of places, including RVing across Scotland to the Isle of Lewis. I still feel his companionship carrying his ashes with me in a Oor Wullie fudge tin.

  • 4+ yrs ago the DW passed after 50+ happy years. Would not/Could not leave her ashes; my armory, and two devoted aging labs. Sold the McMansion, gave away the rest and happily on the road since..

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