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Comments for Funny pet names

  • My daughter had a Dalmation named Arson her original name for him was Door knob He liked Arson better

  • My son has a 14″ long “bearded dragon” lizard named ‘Fluffy.’

    A friend has a Bassett Hound called ‘Stretch’

  • Love all these clever names, but the name “Ishkabibble” wasn’t unique. It was a word both my grandmother and mother used quite often when they referred to something they considered trivial. “Oh, ishkabibble!” my mother would say when I would come to her complaining about something my younger brothers had done. Here’s a full explanation of the term and its roots:

  • I laughed hard when I saw the dogs name “NO”. I thought …how original! Good one Sylvia!

  • Too late for the contest, but we named a cat that found us and moved in with us Squirrel. He had a bushy tail and nuts.

  • We had a squirrel as a indoor pet and his name was “Splat”. We found him one day when we noticed our 3 big dogs in a circle looking very intently at something on the ground. We disbursed the dogs and found the tiniest squirrel. His eyes were still closed and he could only be a day or even a few hours old. We named him “Splat”, because he was kicked out of a nest at least 30 feet high and survived.