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Comments for Hit and run alert: RV smashes two cars then drives away

  • Hit and runs are becoming more frequent, it seems. My friends hit the road in June and it wasn’t a week later that someone backed into their truck with their trailer and drove off. They had to have known they hit something from the damage to my friends’ truck passenger door. New truck, too! They got the description out to law enforcement, but nothing yet. With the popularity of cell phone cameras, you’d think they captured this but they were not quick enough to get the phone, find the camera app and click. I suggested they keep the old disposable point and shoot cameras in the truck somewhere handy. That said, someplace handy for me would have been the the passenger door compartment – where they were hit! Now wondering if they even still make disposable cameras? Was it distracted driving? Was it someone just being a jerk? Was it someone with warrants out on them that caused them not to stop? Was it someone who bought a trailer and said “I can drive this, no problem ” and proved they can’t? They may never know.

    • Nope. It was someone who didn’t want his or her insurance rates to rise. Or, maybe he or she wasn’t insured at all. As the old chestnut tells us, character is what one does when one is certain nobody is looking.

  • There is an app out I have on my phone. It sits in the most used app space on the bottom. Hit it and it immediately starts recording video. No searching for the camera app, no having to switch from pic to video. Works real well.

  • In my opinion ..until they make the laws more penalizing for the idiots who live in our society it will not change..i.e. Lose drivers license for at 12 months, pay for all damages, and heavy $$$ fines and if they don’t pay then off to jail..make it tough and those people will think twice in the military get tough..

  • My husband hit a car in a crowded campground. Could barely see the scratch. I knocked on the door thru out the morning with no answer. About 1:30 pm ‘she’ answered and screamed that I had no business knocking on her door all morning. I explained what happened and she flew out her RV yelling YOU AMERICANS!! Her hubs came out and asked where the hit happened..he couldn’t see it. We showed him and he said that can be rubbed out with problem. We offered to give them money for the inconvenience. She said NO they will pay. We said OK..we will turn it into our insurance company. Well, nothing came of it. They were renting both the car and the RV. Bottom line-it pays to own up.