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Comments for How long is your RV?

  • in 45 plus years of RVing I have owned everything from a 12 footer to a 40 ft motorhome. Pickup campers, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes. We Downsized 3 years ago to a 32 ft Motorhome.

  • We have RV’d for over 30 years beginning with a small pickup camper, moving to a 26′ travel trailer then to a 30′ motorhome. After enjoying our 33′ motorhome for twelve years & over 104,000 miles, we recently purchased a 34′ with four slides. It’s perfect for us.

  • Simon, my dog, and I share a 29’/single slide TT. Every thing we own including a canoe and kayak is in the trailer and truck. Traveling since June 1st. Just dodged Irma and met a lot of wonderful people.

  • My wife and I have 32′ triple slide and there is more than enough room for the us and our pug dog. We’ve looked at 24s and found them to small and cramped.

  • I had two small class A’s when the kids were young, we now have a truckcamper and love it. We just spent 5 weeks visiting some western parks.

  • We are full timers – this is our 10th year. We have a 38 ‘ fifth wheel with 3 slides. It has plenty of room for us. We love it.

  • We “half time” ( Snowbirds ) and our total over the road length is 68 feet, truck/5th wheel/UTV’s trailer. and yes we do pick the states in which we travel carefully. Our 34 foot three slide 5th wheel gives us lots of room.

  • We are in our first year as full-timers in a 36ft 5th and loving it. Plenty of room for the two of us, two cats, and today a 10week old pup. Yep, we are probably nuts, but having a wonderful retirement.

  • We are the “poor relations” that travel in a 22′ Class B (what’s a Class B?). We love it and can’t understand why anyone would want to burn a lot of fuel pushing a big box of air down the highway.

  • Steve
    39.9 feet
    Big Sky Montana.
    Four slides too big for most places.
    Enjoy the comfort.
    6 yrs old doing well
    50 amps is also a problem

  • Husband done camping. When I retire I am off the grid. I do camp in a 20 x 8 Jayco travel trailer and love it. Great for one or when my daughter and mother come along fits 3 cozy. Other wise when I retire it will be fine for one. Can’t wait.

  • 35.6 , 3 slides 5 th wheel. Us two and a Dachshund named Gus. Plenty of room for us and easy to maneuver . Travel about 6 mo of the year Luvin every min of it ! Almost every min.

  • 45 years in motorhomes and finally found the perfect machine. A 24 foot class A Safari Trek with a bed that goes to the ceiling, has a 3.9 liter Isuzu turbo diesel, 14 mpg, bullet proof commercial chassis. With the bed she is 34 feet long inside and only 24 feet long outside. Smaller than some pickup trucks today.

  • Full-time in a 13′ trailer. No slides. No propane. No water tanks. Love it! Simplicity with the outdoors in luxury living space. Silk sheets, animal fur for a desk seat. Real wood flooring and an “open floor plan”. Solid brass fixtures and a custom designed vinyl wrap on the outside.
    Couldn’t ask for anything more or bigger.

  • Started with a pop up when kids were young. Moved to a 20 ft travel trailer as teens. Moved to a 29′ class C when I retired 10 years ago. Moved up again to a 37′ class A now. Love the luxury, convenience and ride. Living the good travel life

  • We started with a cabover camper on the pickup. Found an old C-class 28 ft & my husband remodeled it. Went to an A-class that was 30 ft & fast, but hubby wanted a pop out, so now we have a 32ft C-class & really put it to use this past summer. I still miss the old Cabover camper, but he likes the extra room of the pop out.

  • We just bought a 41 foot BigHorn Traveler 5th wheel. We are so excited that all of our grandkids can go with us on trips during the summer!

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