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Comments for How often does RV hot-skin wiring occur?

  • Managing several parks I have seen this multiple times. I have had supposed GFI strips,converters,and bad elements in water heaters cause this. In most cases the RV’er had no idea they were the cause. This can happen in older rigs, not so well maintained rigs as well as new ones. I always explain to the RV’ers that use the GFI strips if they are so great why dosent the industry build them into the rigs. I do not excuse bad wiring in some parks and so called know everything maintenance guys. But I personally have only found this to be the case in 1 park.

  • MIke,
    I stayed at a campground this January with reversed polarity and the outlets were grounded to the box and not separately wired to the dedicated ground wire. The electrical box with 50, 30 and 20 amp outlets came like that from the factory. The electrician who installed it just hooked up the power to the box. Never checked for a problem. I don’t know if grounding like that is up to code but he definitely should have detected the reversed polarity with a quick meter check.

  • Awesome response Mike! I knew you would be the one to ask for an *educated* statistical guess.

    I built a simple 6 terminal device (installed interrupting 30A shore cord) that monitors for over/under voltage, over amperage, and the “3-light tester” polarities, and then only closes relays to power the coach while everything is good (piezo buzzer if failed). I attempted RPBG detection (essentially hacking a NC tester’s output), but don’t think it’s possible without a reference ground(?). Being lazy, i just plug in normally, it auto-analyzes, then alarms or energizes.

    In five years, I’ve never hit a reverse polarity (just lucky?), but plenty of bad voltages (and my own tendency to overdraw 30A by turning everything on at once). My gizmo lives in a project box, but I was thinking if there was a demand, i could develop it into a commercial product similar to GFCI surge protectors (i know some do voltage or amperage, but i haven’t seen one address polarity yet). Thoughts?

    • I stand educated/corrected… Surgegard apparently DOES make a voltage and reverse polarity cutoff functioning almost EXACTLY like my DIY box… I have a surgeguard branded surge protector but it doesnt seem to have those functions – only surge. :S

      • Thanks for the update, Wolfe. Good information. And I like your statement, “I stand educated/corrected.” Haven’t heard that one before, but I like it. 😀 —Diane at