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Comments for How to fix a sticky black tank valve

  • Darn. I’m having the same sticky valve issue. And I’ve already picked up the replacement, which I fully intend to install once I get the chance.
    I was really hoping this article would have a few suggestions as to what to do to loosen that valve up in the mean time…before I get a weekend to replace it. I need to dump my tanks before I can even replace the valve and right now that’s difficult to do. Sadly this article fails to provide me with the information that I need now.

  • I’m having the same problem. I had a RV repairman look at mine yesterday. He told me the whole bottom enclosure would have to be dropped in order to just get to the valve. That only confirmed what I already was pretty sure of. I need what I call a “temp” fix about every 10 days I think!

  • WD 40. Spray the shaft using the straw adapter. Also buy a can of it and pour a quarter cup or so in the tank. Being water displacing it will find its way to the lowest point and will lubricate both seals on the way out.

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