Hubby wants to be navigator but forgetfulness causing issues

Dear RV Shrink:rvshrink
My husband likes to be in charge of navigation. He controls the GPS, reads the maps, plots our course, and likes to drive the Blue Highways of North America. The problem I have is his disorganization. He never remembers to set everything up and have all his route information figured out before we shove off. We get a few miles up the road when he starts asking me for directions. He forgets to set up the GPS, loses his map and takes it all out on me.

I know he is just frustrated so I tell him to find a wide spot, pull over and get his head straight. Do you have any suggestions for a disorganized husband and RV pilot? —Lost in Lone Pine

Dear Lost:
I don’t know your age, but in the ’60s we were told not to trust anyone over 30. There was a reason for that. Studies show that after 30 a neurological condition develops called CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff). It’s like a computer virus that starts erasing the memory in your hard drive. Your husband may have a problem keeping his hard drive straight. Let him continue to be the Captain and the Navigator, if you have no desire to take either position. It sounds like his only problem is preparation.

Many people develop a checklist that includes important reminders like putting the antenna down, taking things off the counters and making sure the jacks are up. You can add to this list things like setting up the GPS, placing maps strategically, studying the day’s route and figuring fuel stops. It is easy to forget some of these things when you are busy making sure the hatches are all secure before takeoff.

Even if you think you know where you’re going, it is a good idea to double-check before pulling out. With bigger rigs it is sometimes hard to find a place to turn around. A mistake can also cost you a few bucks if you have to go several miles out of your way because of bad planning, a confused GPS dialog or maps you can’t put your hands on. Like the Boy Scouts always say, “Be Prepared.” —Keep Smilin’, Richard Mallery a.k.a. Dr. R.V. Shrink

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5 Thoughts to “Hubby wants to be navigator but forgetfulness causing issues”

  1. 2SheckleNomad

    Even if I THINK I know the place well, I check my maps if I really don’t want to get lost. Even routes that I take often change, whether in direction or general landmarks that I use, and that’s simply not the time to argue with myself or the good. Especially when I’m too tired to care.
    Besides, if I don’t plot a basic route and submit it to my children, they’ll come look for me. XP

    1. 2SheckleNomad

      Sorry. That’good’ was supposed to be GPS. lol

  2. Kenny Nugent

    I don’t know how many people use Mapquest any more, but I always liked the way that they listed every turn that you would make to reach your destination, along with the mileage between each change.

  3. Barbara Brooker

    My husband and I agree it takes both of us to navigate and pay attention to details. We can feel the slippage now and then. Ages 75 and 78.

  4. rvgrandma

    I would write down the directions to have with you. My husband has Alzheimer’s and has never been good at map reading anyway. I try to memorize the route but also write it down in list format so a glance and I know where to go.

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