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Comments for Hubby’s campground “hobby” driving wife “plumb” crazy

  • What peeves me is the constant battle with campgrounds making it impossible to fill my tank via non-connectable spigots. I’m not staying connected, but ground off spigots are useless.

    I too carry 300+ feet of hose, water bandit, and a Fernco with hose clamp. I am NOT filling 50gallons by bucket and funnel!

  • I guess this would be for Mr. Plumb,

    From the description to the shrink I could not figure out what kind of water faucet/fitting has “inside” threads. We’ve camped in many places over 20 years and I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that…I’d love to see a picture or get a better description and name of the fitting in question.



  • Be thankful for always having safe water. He will bore w this and move on to something else at some point. Enjoy no matter what.

  • I too carry 100 plus feet of hose and I also have more than one type of spigot connection to fill my tank at a campground and why not , I pay for the spot so I should be able to use the water.

  • I only carried 175 feet of potable water hose and a variety of fittings and a water thief. I must admit I have never seen a spigot with internal threads.
    The only time I needed to use my water thief, a ranger showed up to inform me I could not run my hose across the road to the spigot, but I was welcome to fill whatever container I had and carry it across the road to my rig

  • My kitchen and laundry tub faucets have threads inside the faucet spouts; the purpose is to allpw addition of the small filter screens which have the matching male threads. This also leaves a smooth outside finish since all the threads are concealed.

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