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Comments for Full-timers: Husband wants to downsize RV; wife says no

  • Maybe you could travel in areas where you are parked with just your tow vehicle? If that is too big, maybe you could rent a car for a day or two to explore.

  • We started in a 32’ motorhome, moved down into a truck camper, then into a small 5th wheel. The next was a 36’ toyhauler 5th wheel. We loved it! Was too manual for the hubby so we tried one more time in a 39’ toyhauler with auto jacks, a fireplace, 2nd bathroom and four TV’s……we watch only one occasionally. We’ve full timed for almost 10 years and put no less than 8000 miles on our rigs every year. We talk about going smaller but I doubt we will unless we stop traveling so much….

  • I’d suggest visiting all the RV shows and touring all kinds of RV’s. We started in a 30′ class C without slides, went to a 34′ 5th wheel, then to a 29′ class A, and finally to a 35′ Class A. Each had it’s upside and served a purpose for it’s time. We’ve remodel our 35′ footer, and we’ll likely stay in it because it meets our mutual needs. Keep an open mind and you may find something you both really like. A happy wife is a happy life. P.S. our 5th wheel was a pain to park and the big truck wasn’t easy to park or drive through city streets, but it sure felt like I was king of the road!

  • Every time you change rigs you spend more money. Work real hard when and if you change rigs to find your forever rig. That means quality and “bones” over flash.

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