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Comments for RV shopping? Two “musts” you may not have considered

  • A very thorough inspection is very important before buying an RV or trailer. Having shopped for our new RV this summer, the quality differences between brands is striking! Even among some brands that are considered “higher end” I was able to find places where they were clearly cutting corners to save build time. If I could find things easily seen with my eyes, imagine what must have been going on in places we could not readily see. There is a lot of crap out there that looks pretty and is just waiting to ruin your vacation/life/investment because of shoddy materials or workmanship. Like is true in most things in life…you get what you pay for!

    Caveat emptor!!!

  • Beware of shady RV dealers that push you through the buying process before you have time to look over the rig you want.Also beware of shady corporations like Camping World with their fast buck tactics. Wise RV buyers will do their homework and research,,,research,,research the product before pulling the trigger.Once you buy,you are stuck with the problems that invariably prop up and when your warranty runs out…you better be able to fix a lot of problems yourself,or have deep pockets. The frame,running gear,tires and wheels are most important in my book as the entire rig is riding on this chassis. Beware of cheap frames and running gear…it will leave you stranded when you least expect it,and can least afford it.Quality control in the entire RV industry has taken a backseat and too many RV’s are being shoved out the door without proper testing and PDI inspections.I got took by one of these crooked dealers in Pasco,Washington and my nightmare never ends with this rig.

  • Here’s something to do before you even go to the dealership: type the brand name of the RV you are planning to look at in your browser, along with the word “problems.” For example: “Heartland problems.” You will uncover a world of horrifying information about most RV manufacturers. You will feel so sorry for the folks that have spent 50, 60, 100 thousand dollars or much more, and can’t get their RVs fixed. Folks who bought from dealers who just don’t care.

  • Don’t forget sewer outlet placement (some RVs have 2 so you need more hose and a Y) and Electrical Connector – I’ve seem some with a midships Plugin – would have left me without enough power cord in MANY campground with Pedestals at the far rear of the campsite. Once my Surge protector provided just enough extra reach (or I would have moved the RV more)

  • RV’rs who run into a problems are quick to get online and tell everyone what they found to be a problem or complaint. I think that’s true about most things we buy today. But consumers are less likely to take the time to go online and express their happiness with something. So if I google “Problems with …..” I’m more then likely going to see a 5TH wheel full of complaints about most things. Just wonder what would happen if there was a way for folks to post what they found was good. And what would that site look like? Angry people are more apt to jump into action then folks who are happy. Be safe.

  • Excellent thoughts! First view of any vehicle is typically driven by how the manufacturers market them, And of course, taking time to understand, not just the cosmetics, but the critical components of the actual vehicle is key. Check for vehicle issues (recalls, Technical Bulletins, etc.) to make sure that everything is in to spec!

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