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Comments for Do you insure your RV and other vehicles on one policy?

  • We have 4 vehicles including a street legal golf cart and our motor home on one policy with The Hartford. We also have our home insured with the same company.

    • The RV should have its own policy unless all of the appropriate coverages are included, which I very much doubt. Hartford is a good company but is kind of iffy on specialty coverages. I would get a quote on your motor home thru Progressive. They are not always the cheapest but the coverages would be more comprehensive such as Vacation Liability, increasing your RV contents, etc. A quote will not cost you anything. As you can probably tell, I am a retired insurance agent.

    • No, the trailer does not have to be attached to your vehicle for a claim. I’ve filed 2 claims in the past 5 years, in which the trailer was not attached to the vehicle. It’s cheaper to have them both on the same policy.

  • Although one company insures all vehicles they consider them separate policies because the coverage is different. The total price is much lower than any competitor. Insurance through Winnebago.

  • I would be surprised if you could insure a motorhome and a towed vehicle on the same policy. As one responder noted, they have different coverages, limitations, etc. Seems like it could get pretty complicated in a hurry.

  • Same company (Progressive) different policies. They had one of the most comprehensive policies for full timer motorhomes, nationwide service centers and true replacement cost reimbursement for total loss.

  • I think others have noted this, but this poll makes no sense as written. I THINK you meant “same company” not “same policy.” One POLICY would mean insured as if it’s ONE vehicle, which it’s legally not, so I can’t see any company allowing this. Two policies with the same company, there are usually “multicar” discounts and the above combined deductible. The only time I can see different companies making sense is if you want a different TYPE of insurance not offered by one company [eg. you never actually tow your towable, so don’t want motion-related insurance. I have 7 (vehicles/houses) policies with the same company and 1 oddball policy for a rental property with another.]

    • I tend to agree, but as full timers, we have both vehicles insured with the same company but separate policies with separate deductibles. We couldn’t find any companies that would have two policies (Covering RV and towed auto) and only one deductible.

  • We’re Canadian, so probably totally different rules. I have at least 4 vehicles listed on one pink card (our proof of insurance), so SAME POLICY. Our motorhome is with the same broker (agent) but a totally different insurance company. Different companies specialize in different coverages. My broker “shops” my needs with many insurers.

    • That’s a very smart insurance broker. Should be separate policy for the RV and because companies are continually updating/changing what they are licensed to write, it pays to shop.
      Maybe every couple of years.

  • There’s not poll option for me: “It Depends.”

    Six months of the year we’re in the USA, and all vehicles are on the same policy.

    But the other six months we are in Mexico, and the law there requires that each individual vehicle be on a separate policy. (As a side note, I have my Toad Trailer on two separate policies, so it’s covered no matter which vehicle is towing it.)

  • We did at one time, and with two different carriers over the years.
    Now, we don’t have a whole lot of choice.
    After we finally got a real appraisal, we knew we had to get a policy to cover the real value. The only choice was a couple of specialty underwriters.

  • GEICO for me! Very happy with coverages
    Policy #1 for Pickup
    Policy #2 for Automobile
    Policy #3 for Fifth Wheel (fulltime)

  • Like Roy I’m Canadian and the rules seem to be quite different for us. My 5th wheel is covered through a rider on my homeowners insurance.

  • I have two cars and the Class A on same account but separate policies with 21st Century Insurance in California. Great people. Low pricies. Accident totaled one car, wasn’t much damage but both airbags deployed. Had the check and new car within 3 weeks.

  • Used to have a seasonal on our home insurance and a TT on auto. Have now switched to both units with Wayfarer- a company specializing in RVs in the Canadian market. They have a very good reputation, according to our broker.

    St. Marys, Ontario

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