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Comments for Is it safe to camp in a desert wash?

  • Living in S AS, I find this to be a very irresponsible article. It IS STUPID too camp in a dry wash at ANY time of the year!

    • It hasn’t rained in Tucson for several months now and living in southern Arizona, you know that 99% of the time the flash flood warnings are during the monsoon, not winter. Paying attention to weather forecasts should be sufficient heads up that a blanket statement of never staying in a wash, in my opinion, is overly cautious. I’d be more concerned about not getting stuck in a sandy wash or in the warmer months, encountering all the wildlife that travels in the washes.

  • Think about what’s stupid! Driving anywhere. Taking an airplane ride. Riding a roller coaster. Climbing a ladder. Getting in (or out) of the tub or shower. Opening your front door. Deep-frying a turkey. Even getting out of your bed! I’ll bet all of these things have probabilities of injury or death in line or higher than intelligently camping in a desert wash. Everyone takes chances every day by living, just try to be observant and careful and enjoy life as you can. Not getting out of bed is not an option.

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