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Comments for How to keep rodents out of your RV during storage

  • In addition to sealing our coach I lay a string of LED lights on a timer on the ground around the perimeter. Since the offending critters are nocturnal and abhor light this has worked out very well. I have also used cotton balls saturated with Essence of Peppermint in compartments and under the dash and cabinets. This worked pretty well but didn’t last very long before I had to re-soak the cotton balls due to evaporation. It did smell a lot better than moth balls though.

  • Had a pack rat chew its way through my RV’s underbelly. Didn’t get into the living area but took up residence in the area where the water pump, furnace and hot water heater are located. It chewed through some of my electrical wiring, chewed just the insulation off a lot of other wiring and chewed through a water line.

  • When I got ready last spring to head for Utah from home in Texas I found a bird got into the power cord storage area and had a very well built nest in there. Took only about a half HR to remove and vacuum out before I could put the shore power cord away. Wish I could have seen the bird but was very happy I didn’t need to worry about chicks or eggs as there were none YET. Happy trails

  • We haven’t had vermin in our trailer, but on two different occasions we’ve had them start making a nest under the hood of our tow vehicle – and after only two days parked. They chomped off some of the hood insulation and used it for their nest. That’s when I started putting a small cup of anti-freeze on top of the motor (and a note taped to the steering wheel to remind me!).

  • I’ve found that steel wool is very effective in keeping mice out. It obviously isn’t good on their teeth. I have had them chew on foam in the past. On my 2017 Sunseeker, they got in and chewed on some towels and a rug. I ordered stainless steel steel wool from Amazon and stuffed it anyplace that appeared to be an opening, no matter how small. I continue to park in the same location and to date have had no additional visitors.

  • Actually, although I chose “other animal” we have had an infestation of mice in the RV…NOT in storage. We are full-timers. Took a while, but with patience we finally got rid of them. The “other animal” that has plagued us is rabbit. They have attacked our car wiring…twice. And, I’m not clever enough to fix it myself. So far I’ve expended $200± in repairs. Gonna try the ol’ peppermint-on-a-rag trick along with fingers crossed.

  • We find that the Bird-x brand “Transonic” high frequency sound repellent has eliminated any rodents lodging in the RV when stored, or in the house when we RV travel for the winter. Do not use these when people or pets are using the area, they will harm your hearing. They are powered by a wall cube adapter but can be connected to 12 volts directly if you set them to no more than medium volume. They are about $30 from Amazon.It has worked for us 7 years now. The noise apparently keeps mice from hearing each other, offspring, or cats and they leave the area.

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