Troopers target left lane ‘campers’

Troopers target left lane ‘campers’


If you drive in the left lane of muliple-lane highways and aren’t passing, be warned: If you do it in Washington state you could be in for a fine.

The Washington State Patrol is sending a message to drivers — stay out of the left lane unless you’re passing. The patrol is conducting a statewide campaign June 20-22 to curb drivers “camping” in the left lane. 

Drivers who don’t could get a $136 ticket.

When motorists stay in the passing lane for long periods, it can lead to road rage, aggressive driving, traffic and congestion, said WSP. Last year, troopers stopped 16,453 drivers who wouldn’t leave the left lane.

It’s never safe to hold up traffic in the left lane. Even in the slow lane, excessively slow speeds can lead to accidents. Best to go with the flow, being mindful of weather conditions and the speed limit.



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