Make your Photos Pop!


By Chris Guld, Geeks on Tour

I use Google Photos to store all my pictures. It automatically grabs every photo taken with my iPhone or Android phone or tablet, but I have also uploaded all my previous photos – 60,000 of them! – to my Google Photos account. Now, using a computer, or any mobile device, I have access to all of Google Photos editing tools and can enhance any of my 60,000 photos.

One of the Google Photos editing tools is called “Pop.” What is Pop? Well, it’s hard to describe. It brightens a photo, increases the color, brings out some of the detail in the shadows and adds definition and contrast.

  • Open a Photo in Google Photos
  • Tap the Pencil to get into edit mode
  • Tap the Adjustments Tool and you’ll see Pop at the bottom
  • Drag the Pop slider to the right to increase Pop

This is one of those things where it’s a lot easier to show you than to describe it. Here are some examples of photos with the original on the left and with Pop added on the right.

Realize that I picked good examples of pictures where Pop makes a difference. It won’t always make a big difference, and sometimes you may not like what it does to a picture. But it’s such a simple edit to try – why not? You can always drag the slider back down to the left where it started.

Chris Guld is President and Teacher-in-Chief at She and her husband, Jim, produce a free weekly online show called What Does This Button Do?  They have been Fulltime RVers, popular seminar presenters at RV Rallies, and regular contributors to, for many years.



2 Thoughts to “Make your Photos Pop!”

  1. Al – you are correct. Google Photos is completely web based. To work with pictures on my computer, I use Picasa (it’s retired but still works great.)
    However, I find that the benefits of Google Photos far outweigh the cost of bandwidth. The biggest use of bandwidth is in the initial upload of photos – you can be careful to only do that when you have free WiFi. Here are my top 7 reasons I like Google Photos so much:

  2. Al Florida

    I assume Google Photos is a web based product, not one which can be used on photos stored on my computer??

    Since I only use a Verizon Jetpack for internet service I can’t upload all my photos to the web, much less manipulate over the web.

    Any suggestions for those of us without unlimited bandwidth??


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