Comments for My name is Chuck

  • When my mother was a young girl living in a rural Florida town, she played with two sisters named Ura and Ima Hogg. They went to school together and my mother said they were teased unmercifully for their names. I wonder if the names you found were the same girls.

  • Don’t forget about the good bottle of wine; “two buck Chuck”. Although , actually more in today’s pricing, so the value of Chuck is going up!

  • I worked at a grocery store in the 60’s and the boy I worked with was also Chuck. We made sure to stick “ground chuck” stickers from the meat dept. on him. Great fun.

  • having been a meat-cutter for a significant part of my life, I found that a Chuck roast with potatoes and carrots and onions is as good as it gets!!! Sure miss my mother’s cooking.

  • Once called my friends house and the geust answered,I asked if Bill Walls was there,response no,how about Betty Walls,again answer was no,then I asked,are any of the Walls there? reply was no,so I said if there are no Walls,whats keeping your house up!! boo ha ha
    Hope you did not fall off your chair Chuck,lol

    • Pretty funny, Rusty! Is your first name really Rusty or is that a nickname given your last name?

  • My last name is Gutzke, pronounced Guts-key. In early grade school I was teased often about “having a lot of guts.” When I got glasses at age 8 it was “4 eyes”, My reply was that I could see better with four eyes than they could with only two. My first name is Thomas. When my mother got mad at me for something [not very often, at least] she would call me by saying “Tom-ass!” Keep on smiling; people will wonder what you’ve been up to. 🙂

  • I agree with you, Chuck. Charles is too formal. I also never cared for Charlie. I have been call Chas, Upchuck (after a coach once telling the team about someone eating corn before a meet and then upchucking during it). When someone says “what’s up, Chuck” to me, I reply “vomit” and usually get a blank stare until I explain it to them.

  • I’m Carl Donald, but since my Dad is also Carl, as a boy I was called Donnie. Somewhere in school a teacher called the roll and when she said Carl I raised my hand and since then I have been Carl. I have often regretted that change, since I think Don is more approachable and Carl sounds stiff and Germanic. But recently I’ve been glad I’m not still using my middle name……

  • The name “Chuck” is highlighted in the movie “Scent of a Woman” at a family Thanksgiving dinner. Great scene worth watching.