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Comments for My ‘trip of a lifetime?’ No, no! Please!!!

  • FMCA sponsors these RV fantasy tours. If you are a member, you get these offers all the time. My wife and I signed up for one to cover the national parks of the Southwest this Aug-Sept. I’ll let you know how it turned out. Sounded great, and no photos like the one you show here.

  • Can you imagine this after going for lunch at a Mexican Resturant? Think I’ll pass thanks.

  • While this picture wouldn’t be my trip of a lifetime either, I really enjoy traveling with Fantasy RV Tours. I haven’t been offered the opportunity of a swimming pool conga line but have met some wonderful, interesting people and a relaxing trip while they did all the work except driving. Somehow this picture seems a little outdated.

  • RV tours area great way to see the country, no worry’s , everything planned for you ! Adventure Caravans is another great company !

  • We’re halfway through a 35 day trip with Passport America. We’re stopping and seeing places we wouldn’t have on our own. Very well planned.