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Comments for Nature: The sophisticated way squirrels bury nuts

    • It was done by U.C. Berkeley. A university studies all sort of things that not everyone is interested in learning. I posted this story in my Roadside Journal category, where I write about what interests me, not necessarily RVing. I guess you could call it my blog.

      I have watched a thousand squirrels bury nuts through the years and always wondered how they could find them later. I found this article fascinating. Some readers did not.

      Humans are curious creatures. Those who ask “why?” (or “how?”) often are the ones who are ultimately the wisest from the vast amount of knowledge they pick up that those who never ask “Why or How?” do not. I ask “Why? all day long. I love learning about new things and new ideas.

      I now know the methods squirrels use to bury and then find their nuts. I’m glad a university did the study. I’m sure those professors and students who study nature were fascinated, too.

      • I thoroughly enjoyed the video and the information it provided. We have numerous squirrels in our yard and we’ve watched them scurrying around to bury their food and wondered how they found it later.

  • We will all have different ideas on how our hard-earned money should be spent.

    We humans have done a lot of damage to our environment and the creatures sharing our world. I believe a greater understanding of animals and the natural balance of nature will improve our environment for all users.

  • I’ve heard that squirrels only remember a 1/3 of the places they bury their stash. Not sure if that’s true or not.

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