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Comments for Neophyte boondocker interested in staying long term in the woods

  • Anyone who wants to boondock regularly should respect the desire of most other boondockers for peace and quiet. In other words, get solar panels and don’t use a generator at all.

    • For those that want total peace and quiet, maybe park further away from all other campers? Myself, I would park further away so I didn’t bother anyone.. but, hey, it’s the outdoors, we’re all family, let’s all enjoy nature.

      • You can get used to not using a generator if you change your habits somewhat. For instance, using a fantastic fan or parking in the shade to avoid using the A/C. You can cook without using the microwave and make coffee with a Melita instead of a Mr. Coffee. With solar panels charging your batteries you won’t need your generator (which is very inefficient for charging batteries), and an extra blanket negates the need for an electric blanket.

  • We’re not huge energy consumers but do like comfort. We have a 235W panel and two 6V batteries. We use our laptops, charge our phones, watch television (LED) and use our electric blanket at night when cold. Our source of heat is our Mr. Heater. I would really like to have an additional panel and two more batteries.

    One important thing is the location of the panel. Ours is in the front half so that we can park the bedroom in the shade, cool for naps and watching a movie.

    We’ve gone several months at a time without hookups. They really aren’t necessary.

    • You have proven it can be done. Solar panels made a big difference in my boondocking. I never missed my generator once I adapted to solar and DC power. It is possible to extend your time in the woods with solar panels and extra water containers. Black tank filling up then becomes the limiter, but in most rigs that takes a long time if you are extra conservative in putting water into the tank.

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