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Comments for Nice neighbors but noisy generator – What to do?

  • It`s simple if your going to play you HAVE to pay. The quiet generators are expensive but a necessary expense if your going to be near other people. I know you find it scary but talk to your wife about it.

    • Couldn’t say it better. Don’t understand why people believe construction generators are a good idea in a campground.

  • If you are in a campground and not boondocking, it is the campground managers/hosts to enforce rules and keep the peace. Ask them to handle it quietly and without identifying you as a complainer. It won’t be their first time to handle it.

  • They should. It’s part of being a good neighbor. It’s totally rude and irresponsible to bring a clatter-trap generator to a campground.

  • I’ve refined my solar system to the point that I don’t even carry a generator any more. Matter of fact, I rarely plug in even when hookups are available. Sadly, my own independence seems to have made me even more sensitive to generator noise . Boondocking and USFS/BLM camps (where sites are far apart) has been the only answer for me.

  • We are volunteer campground host in Yellowstone. I second the shrink’s advice to contact the host, especially if you aren’t comfortable telling the noisy but nice neighbor about their generator. Every campground which allows generators in YNP has defined hours. They are 8am to 8pm. At our campground we make rounds shortly after 8 to make sure generators are off (and food is stored properly, fires and dogs are attended). Taking care of our camper’s need is what we are (not) paid for!

    • Not to mention that the couple who wrote of the issue are not the only ones bothered by the generator. Everyone around the generator hears it, but most don’t say anything.

  • While solar is a great replacement for generators, it’s a lot more expensive. If you want ENOUGH solar to always be usable it’s even MORE expensive. So a good quality generator is the next best thing. Believe it or not, Harbor Freight (GASP!) has just come out with a much higher quality, less expensive line of their Predator generators that rival Honda (the benchmark of generators, I know) for quietness and efficiency – and of course, for much less money. For the record, we have both, solar and a new, quiet generator.

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