Frown and say ‘Cheese’


By Chuck Woodbury

rsj-logoThe next time someone asks you to smile for a photo, go ahead and frown. No big deal!

I was in a Costco today in Eugene, Oregon stocking up on supplies. The first place I always head to in Costco is the book section. In most stores, the selection is half what it was five years ago. In some stores it’s even smaller.
smile-wide-765But in Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, there were a lot of books. I could tell immediately I was in a university town.

A few software programs were offered, right next to the books. I could hardly believe what I saw promoted on the package of Adobe Photo Elements 15. Nowadays, it seems, if you take a photo of someone with a frown, no problem! The software will turn it into a smile!

smile3-765Look at the photo of the child. Weird.

It seems wrong to me. It seems dishonest. A smile is a smile, a frown a frown. Besides, I think something is wrong with the before and after photo of the boy. The first photo doesn’t really look a frown to me. I don’t like this new software.


One Thought to “Frown and say ‘Cheese’”

  1. Ronald

    Perhaps its just gas……lol

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