Old lady transforms into sexy young woman

I know the joke that this video is based upon and always thought it funny. But I have never seen it acted out. Take 45 seconds to watch this. Just imagine you had never seen an elevator and came upon this scene. What might you think? — Chuck Woodbury


5 Thoughts to “Old lady transforms into sexy young woman”

  1. Sue Norwood

    I laughed. I’m almost 69 and think it’s pretty funny. Sue

    1. RV Staff

      I laughed also, Sue. I hadn’t heard/seen that before. I’m 71 and didn’t take offense. I was thinking the same as what Chuck said — it could be an old man walking in there and coming out of the elevator as a young hunk. (Well, that’s close to what he said.) It’s funny either way! 😀 —Diane at RVtravel.com

  2. PodBarb

    Hmmm, perhaps only funny to “old” men…

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      I think it could be changed to an “old” woman seeing an old man going into the elevator and coming out as a handsome young guy. The sex doesn’t matter. Should two versions have been posted to make this politically correct?

      1. Birdie

        There are sometimes you aren’t going to be ‘right’ no matter what you do. If you did a male, then the LGBT group would be offended! Folks get a grip! It’s a ‘funny’! And what a funny. I hooted!

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