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Comments for Right now, where are you reading this?

  • We are in our Airstream camping at James Island County Park, James Island, SC. Lovely spot.

  • This just happens to be a stay at home week…. Going to a traveling Broadway show and to church this weekend… And taking the wife out for mother’s day.

  • At home only because I am back from our 6 months in FL. When in FL, I read it in my RV. So it’s 50-50.

  • We are missionaries in Ghana, Africa until mid 2018 when we will be back home where we plan to let our kids have our old moterhome and we will purchase a slightly used RV.

  • Always read it at home when home, now on the road to Maine and would not be Saturday am w/o the newsletter.

  • Reading at home in NC today. Back in for Mother’s day with daughter and son-in-law. New tires next week.

  • We are full timers, so reading in the coach.
    Had to retrieve the Rv Travel from my wife email. Some how I stopped getting your RV Travel email last week.

  • We are at home planning our first big trip in our Class C Thor. It is early a.m. and the wife is still asleep..

  • From my home – full-time in our camper van, Look forward to the newsletter each Saturday and tell everyone about it. Job well done!

  • My traveling companion, Pippy, and I are currently at our ‘home base’, Crazy Horse, SD, planning our travel season to Canada and the west coast.

  • I am reading this from my home in Maryland, when on the road I read it from my Winnebago motor home, just look forward to it any where I read it.

  • Have been reading your newsletter for several months now- at home and from the RV when traveling. Today I decided that the quality and quantity of the RV news and information it provides warranted a donation. Done! Keep up the good work.

  • Typically at home. However, we will be RVing for almost five months from fall to spring in warmer climates instead of the usual three months. Had this survey been in November the answer would have been different.

  • We’re at home this week, but in a couple more weeks we’ll be out on the road for about six weeks. Wherever we’re at, we always find a way to get enough web access to read the RV Travel newsletter.

  • Typically at home. However, I will be RVing for almost five months from May spring to Sept. fall in cooler climates. Had this survey been in November the answer would have been different.

  • In our 5th wheel for the weekend. Our house goes up for sale this week. Once it sells we will have an estate sale, some will go into storage, while we start off on our full timing adventure!

  • Sitting in my RV , parked in the drive way of our home , waiting on DR. permission to start our 6 month trip.

    • Good luck, Glenn. We hope you get permission to get on the road soon! 😀 —Diane at

  • Howdy;
    As a Fulltimer I could answer this either at home or in my RV,
    I chose the latter.

  • voted “in RV” but the 42 foot diesel motor home is “home”, no way to combine the vote for the poll.

  • We are full-timers, so our RV is our home. Right now our home is in Idaho. I could have answered this question either way – RV or home – they are one in the same, but I went with home.

  • RV is our home as we are full-timers. Right now home is in Idaho. Next week who knows where home will be.

  • Tough question to answer for a full-timer … I’m at home, in my RV. Home is where I park it! Which answer should I choose?

  • I picked other, but could have said, “All of the above,” as our motorhome is our home, and office, too, when I work from “home.”

  • We are fulltimers and live in our rv, so I marked “in the rv” on the survey. But we are now parked in our hometown for a few weeks
    Maybe we needed more choices.

  • Reading in theeSuns RV park in Bozeman, Montana.. just arrived from an exciting week in Jjellowstone.

  • At home about to leave for a short few days next week at Fort DeSoto Park and then in June we are departing for a trip up through Canada, the Alaska Highway, Alaska and the Cassiar highway back south on our return in late August or early September. Happy Travels to all!

  • At home in BC while prepping for a trip to Wyoming to visit friends that are workamping and then on to Canada’s east coast

  • At home,, following a week camping at Port Townsend WA, with a prior month long touring Vancouver Island BC.

  • We answered “in rv” where we live full time. Oh, that’s makes it “at home”. (by the lake right now). Dang, do you have to make these questions so tough!!!

    • I had the same problem. We also live in our RV so it is our home. It was kind of a trick question.

      • We should have said “stick home,” or something like that. It was not meant as a trick question.

        • Your survey just made for some thoughtful and interesting comments. I had the same thought but I didn’t have the RV option. At least not yet. Thanks for all the info you share each week Chuck. Please do ignore the negative responses-you provide a wonderful service and we appreciate it very much!?

  • At home in my rv at a resort in Texas after a most enjoyable 2 month Texas State Parks camping trip. Waiting for northern summer weather to arrive and then will try finding some of the secluded boondock wonderlands Mr. Difley writes of.

  • I checked ‘in my RV’, but my RV is also my home, so…..i think the poll needed more selections.

  • Fulltimer here but chose other because I’m in the parking lot in my toad at the assisted living place where my mom lives for mother’s day social…….

  • I am reading this at the kitchen table in my wood frame, permanently situated house, like I do almost every Saturday morning. However, I can hardly wait to answer, “in the comfort of my RV home.”

  • I am at home, one of my Saturday enjoyments. However when traveling in my RV I read it there on my MacBook Pro.

  • In a hotel in Portland,ME, where my granddaughter graduated today from the University of Southern Maine!

  • Read from November to May in our stationary house in Ontario, Canada.
    Read from June to October “on the road”, wherever that may take us … this year to Newfoundland until early July, and then West to Alberta, Canada, before returning to Ontario for the winter.
    Regardless of “where” we may be, reading of your newsletter is a Saturday or Sunday ritual !!

  • Today we are reading he newsletter from our home. Next weekend we will be reading the newsletter from the Woodstream Campground in Gainesville, NY In another 5 weeks from the NHRA SUMMIT NATIONALS in Norwalk, Ohio. Every SAturday no matter where we are. The best RV newsletter on the web.

  • My wife and I are full timers, in our 16th year of fulltiming., hence I am reading this from my RV. I look forward to Saturday morning and receiving the newsletter. Thanks for all you do in putting the newsletter together. I think I have had the pleasure of reading the newsletter in every state of the Union, don’t think many can say that.

  • I no longer am RVing, but I still enjoy the newsletter. And pay a little for it every year to make sure it can continue.
    So am in my stick home, in the woods, with great scenery.

  • From my home. But will sure log in and read it if I’m traveling in our 5th.
    Hey Chuck: regardless of what some of ‘the reading public’ say you just keep on a writing as you think.

    • Agree, an Editors job is not to please anyone, rather to coordinate putting together each newsletter to ensure continued high quality material for the reading audience. As a side, the Editorial is used to convey important and sometimes contentious issues that readership should take heed of from the Editor’s point of view.

  • In my sticks/bricks home, on my laptop, in Texas. If WiFi is good in West Yellowstone next month, will be reading on my laptop in our 5th wheel.

  • At home with the RV parked in the driveway getting ready for a short trip the Reno/Lake Tahoe. Horrible Winter here in the Northwest. Can not wait until we can leave in the Winter.

  • Great magazine. Thank you. Am reading this in my truck, parked near the A1 in Nottinghamshire, UK. Next week my wife and I will drive our Winnebago Sightseer overland Europe to the Greek Islands of Kefalonia. Thanks again, keep up the good work. Regards

  • At home drinking coffee but two weeks from today will be up in the UP at Tahquamenon Falls reading from my campsite! Can’t wait….I love reading RVTravel keep up the good work 🙂

  • In my RV (home) at Ft. Welikit, Custer, SD as a workamper for the summer. Love it.

  • Reading this weeks article at home keeps me close to the rv world as my time with our TT is limited sorry to say !

  • My wife and I are in a campground in New Jersey having been towed here yesterday due to an overheat problem on I 77. We have been full timing for 24 years. We will be towed out tomorrow morning to a repair shop for a fix in the cooling system. Hope to see you in Indianapolis.

  • I always read the newsletter in my easy chair, ones in my stick house, the other in my 5th wheel. You showed a not so nice looking RV in a KOA article. Here in NE Ohio, we have a KOA that has rather disgusting looking ones as well. Not at all pleasant to look at. Sure wouldn’t want to camp beside them. Great articles, love them, keep them coming.

  • Home is where we park it and where I read newsletters. We
    workamp some summers, we travel some summers. We workamp in Florida every winter. Not all campgrounds are created equal, some are good, some are bad, some are KOA’s some are not. Don’t judge all by one park and don’t listen to the complainers, check reviews, Google includes them when used to find a camping spot. I have an RV, I mostly want water, elec, sewer, maybe cable, a halfway level site and an evening train to lull me to sleep. I don’t sit out contemplating the sewer connection…

    • Reading this in our Wind River (ORV Manufacturing) at the J&H RV Park. Going to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon today.

  • We are at Lazy Day Campgrounds in Hermann, Mo with our Cedar Creek RV Owners Club Region 6 Rally.

  • We are in our Class B. I’m cooking our 1st breakfast in this tiny house. We are at the lovely River Street Campground in the Michigan Upper Peninsula town of Otononga.

  • I am reading this in Ireland. We live in a small village called Clonroche just outside of Enniscorthy. Just sold our Foretravel back in Tennessee and moved here to stay. Life is wonderful and God bless America and Ireland.

  • Today I’m reading this newletter while riding the Washington DC metro from Vienna station in to D.C. We are staying at the Skyline Resort in Front Royal, VA

  • In our summer home in the sawtooth mountains of Southern Idaho. We still have snow at 5k feet. Almost all campgrounds are closed because of flooding. We hardly ever go out on the trail during high summer. Not that we’re cowards but it does seem safer.

    • Sounds like a wonderful trip.
      What is an approx. cost for a ride on the Ferry? We have thought about doing something like this.
      Do you Book thru a travel agency, or just drive up? We have a small dog, how is this handled?


  • Reading from our RV at our son’s home in Juneau, Alaska (Douglas Island). We drove from NM to Prince Rupert, Canada, where we boarded a ferry with RV and toad to Juneau. Great trip! Love Juneau!

  • We are in our 32 foot Montana fifth wheel. We are camp hosts at a Forest Service Campground in the Sacramento Mountains of Southern New Mexico. We enjoy the cool weather and interfacing with our campers.