Poll: How often do you dine out compared to eating at home?

Poll: How often do you dine out compared to eating at home?

Hello, RV Chefs! 

We need your help! Our editors are brainstorming ideas for a new food column and your answers will help us determine a few [helpful] things. 

Will you please take this survey and let us know what you most often do either at home or in your RV? 

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11 thoughts on “Poll: How often do you dine out compared to eating at home?

  1. Stacey

    My husband cooks for us everyday BUT we still do a Friday Night Date Night out for dinner.

  2. Cousin Rawb

    We’re just plain ‘ol folks who would rather save money by eating in the majority of the time. Then we can afford to go more places. Lunch is usually the only meal out we will have and that’s because it’s on the way or way back from a day trip.

  3. Diane

    When we travel, we have had a travel trailer since 1991, we cook most of our meals. When our kids were with us we were on a strict budget and so it was not an option. Now we like to save money. Lol. I have learned over the years good recipes and I plan for meals that take 30 minutes or less. Soon we will be full timing it.

  4. Bill

    Whether at home or on the road, we eat out 2 – 3 times a week, often at lunch. We eat far less than we used to, so a lunch size portion at a restaurant fills us up for the rest of the day.

  5. Anne

    I have Celiac Disease and get very severe reactions to even a tiny amount of gluten so we always eat in Just safer for me.

  6. Sherry

    We rarely dine out particularly during flu season. We still enjoy regional specialties. When we come to a new area we go to a quality butcher shop. We ask about local fare and how to cook whatever. Some grocery stores have nutrionist on hand to help with this to. We meet new people and learn much more about the local cuisine then we would with Mr Google

  7. Tommy Molnar

    We almost NEVER eat out, whether home OR in our RV. I’m not a diabetic (yet) but I watch my blood sugar like a hawk. Going out means I have very little control over what I’m eating. Besides, not eating out saves a ton of money, and now that we’re retired, saving money is a good thing . . .

  8. Nokogranny

    Yoiur survey was misleading – you were asking two questions in one sentence. When hom/home we mostly dine it. When traveling , we mostly dine out for the major meal of the day, sometimes it’s noon and sometimes, it’s in the evening.

  9. Joan Guanlao

    Depending on the weather we prefer to cook outside, but if cold or rainy, we may eat out one meal a day and then cook soups or have leftovers the dinner meal.

  10. Judy Glazier

    As a full-timer and vegetarian, I cook my own meals except on ‘driving days’ when I stop for lunch and a chance to relax and refresh.

  11. BruceinAZ

    When we’re at home we virtually never eat out or get take-out. When we’re on the road we like to try foods and styles of cooking we’ve never had or want to try again.

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