Poll: Which of these printed RV magazines do you read?

Newspaper and magazine readership has taken a huge hit in the last decade as much of the same information became available, usually for free, on the Internet. Go back 20 years and nearly all RVers relied on printed magazines like Trailer Life and Motorhome for news, information and advice about their favorite pastime.

How about today? Do you still read printed RV magazines? Take our short poll. Let’s see how many of you still remain loyal print readers.

The poll make take a moment to load. So standby. 


27 Thoughts to “Poll: Which of these printed RV magazines do you read?”

  1. Ron Padgett

    Roughing it smoothly.

  2. djs

    And I wish FMCA would stop sending a paper magazine. We have access to the digital version and I have our mail forwarding service shred any magazine we receive. (FMCA is the one I can think of) Although I love to hold paper, I will not pay extra for delivery.

  3. Dann

    If someone somehow places a magazine in front of me with no fees and charges, I will read it. In between those events I seldom read nothing but RVing.com and a variety of Chucks efforts. The computer has seemingly altered everything.

  4. Roy Ellithorpe

    I am amazed at how many print magazines are still in business, but especially amazed at how many Canadian magazines exist.
    I don’t read any because when I start I usually read every word including the ads and articles that I’ve previously read (I just can’t help myself).

  5. Eric Steeves

    Canadian RV Lifestyle and Canadian RVing.

  6. Malcolm Benson-Dyke

    Airstream Life

  7. Merrily

    RVW magazine

  8. Tobias

    Also RV Lifestyle (Canadian magazine), Tiffin Open Roads, Freightliner Chassis Owner Club, Cummins Power Club

  9. Nick in Windsor, Ontario

    I read RV Lifestyle magazine a Canadian publication.

  10. Seann

    RV Lifestyle & RV West (both Canadian mags)

  11. Travilenman

    RV Travel, THANK YOU CHUCK, & a lot of RV stuff on line

  12. Jim Gochnauer

    Bus Conversions magazine.

  13. nyrngrz

    Ramblings’ by Holiday Rambler

  14. Dennis

    RV West. It’s a Canadian publication.

  15. George

    Also read RV Gazette and Snowbirds

  16. Kathy Payne

    We regularly read Workamper.News quarterly, and a must read rvtravel online.

  17. Forrest Moore

    Read Passport America Quarterly

  18. Terry P

    Due to our full-time lifestyle, really prefer online periodicals/newsletters such as RVTravel! Thanks, Chuck!

  19. Kerry Myers

    Tiffin’s and Freightliner‘s magazines.

      1. Rose

        Sorry. Meant to write either:
        Me Too!
        Same Here! LOL (I got distracted)

  20. Linda

    Canadian RVing

  21. Ric

    Use to love reading anything in print however it’s too little for too much ($$$) so much informationis available on line (youtube, instagram, and more) I fine more than I can take in there. I still like to get state visitor guides to get excited about locations however I can get much more detailed if on line. Print has become a dead median

  22. Donna Luther

    Soul (Freightliner) and Trails (Thousand Trails)

  23. BruceinAZ

    In addition to Motorhome, FMCA, and Escapees, I read RV Soul which is the quarterly magazine of the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club, and as a long time Good Sam Lifetime member I read Highway’s magazine for many years until Lemonis decided to do away with it.

  24. Dick Kuhwarth

    I’m not sure what they are called, but I usually pick up the free magazines at Camping World.

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