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Comments for Propane leak blows up motorhome. See pics. Horrible!

  • It would be a nice feature for LP detectors to have the ability to shut off gas upon a predetermined detection level.

    Same with CO detectors.

    Costly, but worth it.

    • “Some LP detectors do shut off the propane at the tank.”

      Some USED TO shut off the propane but…. they are very old and long past their ‘best before’ dates. to be replaced. Unfortunately, none of the replacement models do that any longer AFIK.

  • Devastating,having a 10 yr old class b,its a big concern to make sure all is safe,stories like this hit home,hope those folks fully recover.

  • This also why I no longer drive down the road with a propane tank turned on. Many don’t know that propane is heavier than air, unlike natural gas, and will pocket until there is a ignition source or a stiff wind.

  • I understand what you are saying, but maybe you should stop to concider this man had family and loved ones. So reading your snotty little remark of:

    “Propane detectors work,” said Dave. “Use them.”

    That seems unecessary. Do you know for a fact there was not a detector on this motorhome? I knew this pastor for 30 years, and he was by no means uneducated or unfamiliar with a motorhome. Please check your facts before making statments that are upsetting to family.

    • With that statement our reader was simply hoping to influence other RVers to be sure they have a propane detector. No “facts” were involved.

  • People with older rv’s need to check the dates on all their alarms. Most sensors are good for only 5 years and need to be replaced after that. The test button only checks the alarm circuit and DO NOT test the actual sensor.

  • Dave,
    Feel free to come on down the the site so I can update you on the facts of the case. I will be here for a while.
    The victims Son