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Choosing an RV Site
By Adrienne Kristine

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Selecting a campsite
It should be easy to choose the ideal RV site. You put your 30-foot rig into a 30+-foot site. Remember the height of your rig too. Include the air conditioner and TV antenna, not just the height in your manual. Look around before you back in and be sure you have room for your slideouts. A good list of site qualities would be

Avoid dumpsters
Avoid dump stations
Avoid high traffic flow
Avoid infringing footpaths
Avoid shared hookups
Ensure room for slideouts and awnings
Pick your neighbors
Choose shade in the summer
Choose open area in winter
Consider satellite reception
Avoid infringing streams
Level site is better

Then connect in the following order:

Connecting Electric
Open breaker box on post
Turn off breaker at post
Insert polarity tester
Turn on breaker at post
Verify good power
Turn off breaker at post
Remove tester
Verify all electric appliances are off
Extend RV power cord to post
Plug in RV power cord at post
Turn on breaker
Close electrical box
Verify power source inside RV

Connecting Water
Attach pressure regulator to faucet
Attach inline filter to pressure regulator
Attach hose to inline filter
Attach other end of hose to RV connection
Turn on water
Verify water pressure in kitchen and bathroom

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