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Which RV tires are best, Yokohama and Michelin?

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Dear Eric,
I just purchase a 2004 Rexhall and found out it has a 2001 chassis so the tires are toast. What do you think of Yokohama tires? The local tire store can get them for $100 less then Michelin and the dealer says they will not crack like the Michelin. If they are just as good I could sure use the $600 I'd save.  --Marty Williamson

Dear Marty,
Get the Michelin RV tires. You will pay more, but they are well worth it. Go to the Michelin RV tires web site where you can read why they are good. For the record, any older tires would crack likes the dealer talks about -- mostly caused from ultra violet (UV) damage from the sun and/or not being driven for long periods of time. Michelin has done a lot to solve this problem. Also note that Michelin and Goodyear RV tires have special sidewalls and tread patterns to make them handle better on a recreational vehicle. You will be much happier with Michelin tires in the long run.

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