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Weekend of Feb. 24-25, 2007
Issue 264
of RV Travel. Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more. This newsletter is funded through sales at RVbookstore.com, the World's Largest RV Bookstore specializing in books and DVDs about RVs and the RV lifestyle.

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Editor's Corner
By Chuck Woodbury

We have a lot of news and information to bring you this issue, so I'll forgo my opening remarks so you can jump right into the meat of this jam-packed issue. And a reminder to those of you in the Seattle area, please join us next Saturday for another one of our free RV Travel Seminars. The information is below.

What a deal: campground directories for free!
If you're a member of AAA be sure to stop by your local office -- or any office -- and pick up a free Campbook (or Campbooks) of the area where you are traveling or where you plan to travel. Besides listings of campgrounds, the books contain helpful travel information and ideas of things to see and do. Campbooks are not comprehensive enough to serve as the ONLY camping guide to an area, but the price is right. AAA also will supply you with free maps and other regional publications if available: ask a representative to learn what's available.

New blog for Full-time RVers
If you're a full-time RVer or plan to be someday, then you will want to check out our new RVtravel.com blog Fulltime RVer. Editor Russ De Maris, a fulltimer himself with fellow writer and wife Tina, will keep you up-to-date on the latest news and information about what most fulltimers think is the greatest way to live, bar none.

Directory of Wal-Marts that DO NOT allow overnight stays is growing. If you sometimes stay overnight in your RV in a Wal-Mart store parking lot, then check our new service at FreeCampgrounds.com where RVers report which stores do not permit free overnight stays. The list is growing, and it's a valuable resource.

Free Seminar on Saturday, March 3, 11 a.m., at RVbookstore.com
Topic: How to Finance An RV
Charles Davis of RVfinancing.com will tell you everything you need to know about financing a recreational vehicle. Davis is a nationally known and respected authority on this subject. He will discuss:
--Conventional RV Financing
--True Cost of RV Financing
--Why Finance vs Paying Cash
--Using your Home Equity to Finance an RV
--LLC Financing Nationwide
--Montana LLC Financing
--False Equity Financing (Blue Sky Equity)
--Buy Down Rates, why not to do them through a dealer
--Internet Scams and Avoidance

We have room for 40 people. Sign up to attend here, or call 1-800-274-9378 Monday thru Friday to make your reservation. We will be videotaping this seminar for our next RVtravel.com Seminar Series DVD. The seminar will be held at our office in Edmonds, Washington (north of Seattle: click here for directions). Hotel accommodations are available on the premises at the Harbor Inn.

The Fuel Efficient Motorhomes You'll Love to Drive! Learn all about them here.

Government selling thousands of RVs at "giveaway" prices
What Hurricane Katrina did for the RV industry, FEMA may now undo. It's a good-news, bad-news scenario, and folks shopping for travel trailers may come out on the winning side. In the little burg of Hope,
Arkansas, there's a most unusual RV park: It's the FEMA "parking lot" for 12,000 travel trailers destined for hurricane survivors. Some of the trailers helped folks; others never got beyond this 450-acre lot. Now FEMA needs to let them go -- but that's just the tip of the iceberg: Nationwide there are nearly 46,000 trailers in FEMA's inventory, most of which will eventually be sold at auction. For how much? Figure about a 25 cents on the dollar for what FEMA hastily paid for them. Read more.

RV batteries: how to determine their state of charge
For RV boondockers, a healthy battery bank is essential. But determining the batteries' state of charge is difficult with the imprecise indicators RV manufacturers supply. Blogger Russ De Maris recommends a better way, and he has a guideline that will extend the life of your batteries.

Oops! Don't make these mistakes!
Take a look at what these RVers forgot to do before vacating their campsites, and read about ways you can avoid making the same mistakes.

How an RVer "creatively" installed a catalytic heater
Learn and see pics how RVer Bob Kendall installed a custom catalytic heater his RV, and in a very ingenious way!

In Nevada ghost town, pizza is on the menu
In Goldfield, Nev., once a thriving metropolis of 10,000, there's only one restaurant left in the near-ghost town, and that's at the local watering hole, the Mozart Club. If you want a meal, take your pick: chicken or pizza. RV Travel editor chose pizza. Read more about the meal and this great ghost town, complete with a very affordable RV park.

Wow! Check out the custom RV desk one RVing couple installed
But be warned: if work from your RV and are sitting at the dinette to do it, then you will be mighty envious when you see the neat setup John and Evelyn Culver created.
2007 Woodall's RV Buyers Guide
This is your best source about virtually every 2007 RV on the market. More than 400 motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheelers, folding camping trailers and other RVs are profiled. Only $6.99. Learn more or purchase.


Did you miss last week's RV Travel newsletter? Read it here.

Pot of Gold Contest
Information about the contest is now in the right-hand margin of this newsletter.

2007 RV Show Schedule: We have updated our list of RV shows to include all those from January through June, 2007. Check in here to see where and when shows will be held in your area.

Stay free in Wal-Mart parking lots
Learn where to find Wal-Marts, most of which allow RVers to stay overnight for free in their parking lots. It's not "camping," but it's free. Get driving directions to every store in the USA. New in this edition: Stores that sell diesel fuel! Retail price $24.95. Order now at our Everyday Low Price of only $19.83 -- the best price anywhere.

This Week's Reader Survey

When was the last time you got a speeding ticket? Answer here

Last week's survey question
When listening to music while driving on RV trips, what is the main source of the music? See results.

Past reader surveys and results

Postcard of the Week
This week we bring you one of the most popular postcards found in the rural West. It features an elusive, mythical creature that is said to sing in pairs in the night. And what famous cowboy duo do they sound like? Find out.

Give your RV total electrical protection
with this Portable Surge Guard. It offers total protection with three individual safety circuits. No installation--just plug it in. Check it out!

Great Reading
in our RV Travel Blogs
See the complete lineup of RV Travel blogs

FEATURED BLOG: Great RV Stuff : Find out about the latest gadgets, gizmos and necessary accessories for RVs.

Simplify the handling of your RV propane tanks
Are you one of the many RVers who sometimes have difficulty with the retaining bar assembly on your RV's propane tanks? Here's an innovative way to make the assembly easier to handle.

NHTSA issues long list of RV recalls
The January 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall list has been posted for public inspection. There's a long list of RVs included. Is one yours?

Workampers with great perks
In her Working On The Road blog, Jaimie Hall introduces her readers to two RVers who managed some excellent perks along with their employment.

Why getting water is easier for RVers with Fifth Wheels
Jerry Brown explains how the pickup truck he uses to tow his fifth wheel trailer comes in handy for hauling water while he's boondocking. He also explains and shows his setup.

How to get along with your spouse in an RV
What's the most important factor in how well a couple will get along in the relatively small confines of an RV? And what's the best step you can take to assure a successful relationship with your spouse? Jim Twamley, a retired Navy chaplain and experienced marriage counselor as well as an RV expert, has some thoughts on these vital matters. Click here for his answers.

Explorer RV Insurance
Owners of motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and medium duty tow vehicles save up to 15% over our largest competitors by tailoring their coverage from over a dozen options. Learn more or get a quote.

E-mails from RVers help secure overnight RV parking
You CAN make a difference! According to a news article, e-mails from RVers apparently helped persuade the city council in Monument, Colorado, to defeat a couple of proposals that would have banned or restricted overnight RV parking at the community's new Wal-Mart and other businesses. One RVer pointed out the economic advantages of allowing RV parking. Click here for the full story.

Dinghy folds up to fit in most campsites
At GreatRVstuff.com, Jim Twamley writes about The Kar Kaddy SS, a dinghy that folds up. "It's is a great choice for RVers because the engineers actually listened to us RVers before they designed it," he writes. The dinghy's tongue folds back to the side and the ramps fold up for a neat and small profile that will actually "fit" in most campsites. It starts out 133 inches long and folds up to 67 inches. Read more.

New Contest: Win money based on your name
Check out the new game Your Name is Money. Every weekday six letters of the alphabet are posted. If all six letters are part of your first and last name, you could win. The prize money increases every day up to a maximum of $1,000.
Check every Monday through Friday to see if you qualify as a winner.

Another reason to travel by RV
Did you hear about the new scanning device at the Phoenix Airport? It can see right through your clothes. The Associated Press says that the result is an image that "shows the body's contours with blush-inducing clarity." Other airports will soon install the device. Right now, in Phoenix, the scanning device is being used only as a back up screening measure on selected passengers. A passenger can chose between being scanned or patted down. So which would you prefer?

RVer builds both employment skills and motorhome
Making a living while full-time RVing is a dream for many RVers. Jaimie Hall, the RV workcamping expert, tells how one RVer is improving his employment opportunities while building a customized motorhome.

Quartzsite and its Internet access problems
For the tens of thousands of RVers who call the RV parks and public lands of Quartzsite, Arizona home each winter,
gaining access to the Internet is a perennial problem. Learn more about the problem and some clever solutions to getting online.

Rooftop RV ventilation system has it all
The MaxxFan is the only complete RV ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan and rain protection in a single, all-in-one unit. When opened, the MaxxFan's unique design automatically deploys a rain shield.
Here's more information.

New tripod on the way for RV satellite Internet dishes
RVers considering a non-motorized, stand-alone satellite Internet system will be interested in a new agreement between the Winegard Corporation and Hughes Satellite to develop a tripod intended for the associated dishes. Until now, owners had to come up with their own tripods.
Learn more and see photos of the prototype.

Check out our RV Travel Forum discussions

New to RVing
We are interested in either a class C or class A, 28 to 31 feet. Looking at both used, two years only and less than 10,000 miles, or if price difference is not too great, to go with new. I have noticed from local dealers that discounts off MSRP are very large on new units.
Is this just a game they all play?
Decals and/or Painting an RV
I have a 1993 Bounder: light tan with the reflective decals. The decals have faded and are peeling off, or on parts of the unit seem to be baked in the fiberglass. Makes the RV look beat up and awful.
Will a hair dryer take off those decals? If so, will it just peel off or will it take some scraping to remove them?
Back to Basics
I have started to plan a tour with an RV in 2008. The standard visa for me is restricting me initially to 90 days. In that time I plan to buy a small A or normal Class C.
I am hoping that someone within your community can advise me as to taxation, driving license, vehicle roadworthiness, insurance and other 'official' requirements to get me on the road.
Keep a Journal and Get a Digital Camera!
You will refer to it often when you get home to remember
things that happened and where they happened.

Hide the Litter Box
We are thinking of getting a cat.
Where does everyone hide the litter box?

Financing an RV? Get a quick quote!
Financial Underwriters Network provides exceptional customer service and exceptional interest rates. Get a quick online quote and caring service.

Bumper Snicker
"Prune juice sets you free
Read other funny bumper stickers or buy them.

Free CD-rom Campground Directory: Limited supply
At RVbookstore we have a limited supply of 2007 Woodall's North American Campground Directory that includes a bonus CD-rom. When the CD-roms are gone, they're gone. Learn where to camp in every state in the USA. The monster 2007 campground directory and CD-rom have all you need to know about places to camp including rates, which ones accept pets, have Internet access, and more. Learn more or order.

Country Coach purchased by Los Angeles investment firm
Riley Investment Management of Los Angeles has purchased high-end motorcoach maker Country Coach Inc. The investment firm will pay $38.8 million and assume $13 million in debt to purchase the subsidiary of Perris-based National RV Holdings. Bob Lee, who founded the 34-year-old company, is an investor in the deal and will return as chairman emeritus.
Damon increases production of Class A motorhomes
Damon Motor Coach has announced that it is increasing production of its gas-powered Class A motorhomes by a third due to increased demand. The company has redesigned its Class A gas lineup that includes the Daybreak and Challenger series and a recently debuted gas-powered Outlaw Class A toy hauler.

Workhorse increases powertrain warranty for gas RV chassis
RV chassis manufacturer Workhorse Custom Chassis has beefed up its warranty on its gas motorhome chassis beginning with its 2007 models. Read more.

New device helps improve RV electrical efficiency

Xantrex Technology Inc., has introduced the first power factor corrected AC to DC converter with advanced three-stage charging, for the RV market. Power factor correction (PFC) optimizes the electrical efficiency of the converter, maximizing the remaining AC power available to all other AC loads such as kitchen appliances and air conditioning. Learn more.

Traveling to Alaska by Ferry on the Alaska Marine Highway?
Visit the official website. Check out great deals.
Get prices, plan your trip and make a reservation

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Bill's Hints
"When operating a generator at altitudes above 5,000 feet, it may be necessary to make an adjustment to the automatic choke on the generator engine. Learn how to do this before you need to do it." --From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.
Books and DVDs about RV Technical Topics
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Worth Pondering
"Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on." -- Samuel Butler
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Random RV Thought
In a very popular and busy campground, a good way to get a space without a reservation is to show up on a Sunday afternoon or on Monday. You can often grab a campsite vacated by an RVer who was there only for the weekend.

Buying an RV?
Don't plop down your hard-earned cash without reading RV Travel editor Chuck Woodbury's new eBook, Buying an RV the Smart Way. For $9.95, you'll learn how to save money and avoid making buying mistakes that could cause big headaches later. The eBook is emailed to you immediately after ordering, and can be read online or printed out. Covers buying both new and used RVs.

RV Travel staff
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Clapper Loader: Emily Woodbury.   

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