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RV Travel: Readers share their funny business slogans

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Weekend of November 14, 2009

Issue 404 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner
By Chuck Woodbury

Dear reader,
We laughed a lot last week around the RVtravel.com and RVbookstore.com offices. We laughed at the many funny business slogans you emailed us after my story last week about the ones I've personally "collected" in my RV travels.

The best slogans were those from companies in the trash or sewer business.

From septic tank pumping businesses: Ray Holmes spotted this one painted on a truck: "This truck sucks." Spanky Goodin spotted a truck painted with "A royal flush is better than a full house." Nancy Green spotted one that said "We're Number One in the Number Two Business." Steve Hutchinson spotted the slogan "Nobody puts their nose in our business." Linda Salmi liked this one: "Your crap is our bread and butter." Several readers reported septic pump trucks sporting the motto "The Wizard of Ooze." Perhaps the cleverest, and also the most disgusting, was this motto spotted by the Adams family: "Yesterdays Meals on Wheels."

Garbage trucks sported some good slogans: Bob West spotted this one on a truck from Art's Rubbish Removal Service: "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Double Your Trash Back." Several readers reported garbage trucks with the slogan "Our business is picking up."

But many other kinds of businesses -- even towns -- proudly promoted their businesses with clever slogans. Jan Antinozzi said her birthplace of Blue Earth, Minnesota claims: "The earth so rich, the city grows."

Alice Craig reported that J and F Furniture Refinishing in Carmel, Indiana advertises "Come in and watch us strip." Tom Hemphill found a hair salon in Houston that advertises "The Best Little Hair House in Texas." An LP gas provider in Boise, Idaho, reports Laura Oleaga, says "Tank heaven for little grills." Bill Nievera found a hardwood floor installation company that recommends "Just say no to rugs."

A half dozen RVtravel.com readers reported a clever -- and apparently common -- slogan used by radiator shops: "Best place to take a leak." One electrician advertises "Let us remove your shorts."

We got a good laugh from the dog obedience school slogan sent by Karen Meredith: "Sit happens!" And then there's the motto of a towing service, as reported by Jeanne Williams. "We don't want an arm and a leg, just your tows."

Thanks to all of you who sent in funny slogans. Many of you did not identify yourself so we can't thank you by name. But in addition to the readers mentioned above, thanks to John and Raye Griffith, the Rev. Barry Zavah, Randy Cook, Shelley Herman, Tom Boyte, Bern Vant Hul, Mark Peacock and Ronald Lisko.

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How to live a healthy RV lifestyle
As we RVers know, there are many roads to follow. When we start out we may travel as fast as we can and in many directions. As we settle into the rhythm of our lives on wheels, we begin to analyze just where it is we want to go and what path we will follow. A healthy lifestyle is one very important path. Some may stray from it or get bumped off because of illness or other circumstances. To learn more about living a healthy RV life, please follow blogger Lynn Difley at "Healthy RV Living."

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Is Boondocking safe?
Many RVers express concern about personal safety when boondocking, especially when choosing a spot beyond sight or sound of another rig. First, remember that thieves do not hang out in the boonies, though you should consider the following safety tips to thwart the "thief through convenience" if you make it too easy. Read more.

Roadhouses still a way of life along Alaska's roads
In Alaska's early days, pioneers began building the first roads between communities, and, along with them, the roadhouse. The arrival of these bastions of comfort were much welcome to road-weary travelers (who had no RV to keep them comfy). The roadhouses offered a warm place to sleep, hot food and some much sought-after conversation. Here are some of Alaska's best known roadhouses.

Plenty to see, do at Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park's spectacular landscape contains some of the oldest exposed rock on Earth. No other canyon in North America combines the narrow opening, sheer walls, and startling depths seen here. And good news for RVers: you'll almost always find an unoccupied space to camp; some even have electric hookups. Watch an excellent eight minute video about the park.

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Beach front RV sites still available for Olympic Games
About 280 beach front RV sites are still available at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks in Vancouver, B.C. with less than 100 days to go until the 2010 Olympic games. Learn more.

Let your cell phone be your guide at Grand Canyon
Your cell phone can now do double duty as your tour guide to Grand Canyon National Park. Use your phone to listen to a park ranger give short location-specific narrations on various aspects of the canyon from geology to Native American history to the night sky. Read more.

Oh, this is an ugly RV experience!
Watch what happens when the driver of a truck pulling a fifth wheel trailer turns a bit too tightly in search of a campsite. Oh, this is not pretty. But it's a good reminder to make sure you know what you're doing when pulling your own fifth wheeler. Watch the one-minute video.

Twenty-eight percent of RVtravel.com readers either do all or most of the major repairs on their RVs themselves. About the same number use an independent RV repair shop. Less than 20 percent use the service department at the RV dealer where they bought their RV. See the actual survey results and read the comments.

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"What you need to know in as few words as possible."

Hansel RV in Petaluma, Calif., has closed its doors after 35 years. "We just sort of came to the conclusion that it's going to be quite some time before the market returns to a level where it can be profitable," said Henry Hansel.

A proposal to install 66 RV utility hookups at the Quay County (NM) Fairgrounds has been temporarily nixed because the installation would cost $18,000 -- too much in these tough times.

Camping World and Coleman have joined forces to sell full-sized towable RVs at Camping World locations. More.

California state park advocates want an $18 increase in motor vehicle registration fees to help fund park operations. But many question whether time is right to ask voters for approval.

Lazydays RV in Sefner, Florida threw a big party last Tuesday to celebrate the arrival of new model Tiffin motorhomes. Days earlier the dealership filed for bankruptcy protection to get its financial affairs back in order.

Louise Johnson became the first woman to ever participate in a California motorhome destruction derby last week in Perris. "It didn't turn out to be much of a show," Johnson said. "My motorhome died after the first hit."

Gaming giant Nintendo has outfitted an Airstream trailer with its newest games and is traveling the country showing them off.

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Towing safer with new Blue Ox system
According to a company press release, the Patriot from Blue Ox is designed to provide more sensitive braking performance for vehicles in tow. Read more.

Florida's roadways: an RVer's dream
Florida roads are some of the smoothest in the nation. No mean winters to create those bone shattering rope-a-dope torture treks that can dismantle your RV or separate your teeth from your gums. No salt frosted eaten up excuse for asphalt to melt your undercarriage either. Here are some ideas about traveling the state's highways and byways.

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By Jim Twamley
Professor of RVing

Black tank clean out option
Jim writes: "There are many RV black tank clean-out options available. Cleaning your black tank thoroughly is VERY important! I learned this lesson the hard way when I first began RVing. I didn't wash the black tank out thoroughly and toilet paper remaining in the sewer pipes dried forming a hard plug. The next time I pulled the "T" handle, nothing came out. I had to snake it out enduring an avalanche of brown and I NEVER want to repeat that experience again. This week I'm reviewing the "Dual Flush" clean-out solution.

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Desert cliffs, buttes and rock formations are big draws at Red Rock Canyon State Park
The 50-site campground at southeastern California's Red Rock Canyon State Park is tucked into the base of colorful desert cliffs where once the Kawaiisu Indians hunted rabbits and small game. If you seek solitude and incredible natural beauty this could be your place

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News from Quartzsite the Boondocking Capital
Restaurant Review: Chicken at the Quail
One of the few year-around restaurants in Quartzsite -- aside from the "fast feeders" --is the Mountain Quail, north on Moon Mountain road from the B-10. It's not a fancy place, folks come here dressed as they are, and the ambiance is somewhat like sitting in a field kitchen where workers are coming and going. But the food, and the prices, make for a busy trade. Read more.

Recent RV recalls
Frequently, we list the latest recalls of RVs at RV-Recalls.com. Here are recent ones: 2009: September --
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Cruise along the Caloosahatchee River with access to the Intracoastal Waterway and/or Gulf of Mexico when staying at the RiverBend Class A Motorcoach Resort near Ft. Myers, Florida. Choose an oversized pull-in site facing the river or one of four lakes. The "Old Florida Style" clubhouse and lounge overlooks the river -- stop by for a meal or entertainment. Another clubhouse includes a heated pool, two Jacuzzis and fitness center. Play on two Har-Tru lighted tennis courts. Visit the nearby Edison and Ford Winter Estates or have lunch on Sanibel or Captiva Island. Free Wi-Fi. Learn more about 1,100 campgrounds and RV parks for large RVs in the Big Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory.

Bella Terra RV Resort
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Boondocking Tip
By Bob Difley
Before pulling your rig into any boondocking site, walk it first looking for soft spots, low overhanging branches, and enough room to turn around. If you spot a hornets nest and fresh bear scat, pick another place. Bob Difley is the author of the eBook Boondocking: Finding the Perfect Campsite on America's Public Lands ($9.95) and the editor of the RVtravel.com Boondocking Blog.

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Dometic Duo-Therm comfort control center
Can anyone tell me how this thing works and what it does? I have a feeling it is like having heat in the unit without running the furnace. Does it run on electric or propane or both?

One ton overkill?
Our family is going to be purchasing a 5th wheel in the near future and wanted to know if a 1 ton dually is overkill or necessary for a 5th wheel that is 25 feet long or so with a slide. I know that the weight of the TT will be the deciding factor. For instance if the TT is over 7000 or 8000 lbs, would I be better off buying a dually?

Heater needed
I need a portable heater for my 30-foot class A motorhome. I have looked at an oil heater and an electric heater, but what size do I need?

Looking at purchasing 2010 Montana Mountaineer...
We are potential first-time RVers and are looking at purchasing a 33' Montana Mountaineer with a trailer weight of 10,145 and GVRW of 14-plus, but we are in a quandary as to how big of a truck we should have to pull it! My question is if you have a 5W of similar weight and size, what are YOU using to pull it with? Pros and/cons of what you are using, problems, etc?

RV park memberships
My husband and I joined an RV campground membership when we first started to travel. We listened to all the hype, and was convinced in the long run we would save money and have all these great campgrounds to stay in when we traveled. Since that time, every year they come up with a new charge besides our annual fee. How do we get out of this mess?

New Forum Topic: RVers who travel alone.
If that's you, check in here to meet other single RVers and share information.


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Linger at local farmers' markets to celebrate the green movement known as locavore, or eating locally grown food. Marinate a big bag of vegetables and you’ll have enough to last one or two people for up to a week. Bring them out as a garnish, snack, relish or to add to salads. Chop and drain them to serve on hot and cold sandwiches too. Get the recipe.

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Media mogul Ted Turner owns about 50,000 bison on his 113,000-acre Montana ranch. His restaurant chain Ted's Montana Grill serves buffalo burgers.

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On cold winter nights, it's nice to climb into a warm bed, not a cold one. An easy way to warm a bed before climbing in is with an electric warming blanket. They're smaller than full-sized blankets but when placed on the bed will make it cozy warm. They also make good lap blankets while lounging on the couch.

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Bill's Hints

"Always keep your batteries fully charged in freezing weather. Battery voltage drops rapidly when used in cold weather. A low battery is susceptible to rupture when frozen." --From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.


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Chuck Woodbury has explored America by RV for nearly three decades. In the '90s he published a quirky travel newspaper about his adventures and was an "on the road" writer for the New York Times Syndicate. Nowadays, he lives near Seattle where he drinks massive amounts of coffee and travels often in his motorhome and sometimes by plane when vast expanses of saltwater would turn his RV into a leaky submarine. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD "Buying a Recreational Vehicle," the definitive guide to purchasing an RV the right way.

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