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RV Travel: World's most expensive RV debuts

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Issue 234 of RV Travel. Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more. This newsletter is funded through sales at, the World's Largest RV Bookstore specializing in books and DVDs about RVs and the RV lifestyle.

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Editor's Corner

Good slogan for auto repair shop.
By Chuck Woodbury

In science fiction, you sometimes read about parallel worlds. This would be the fodder, perhaps, for a Twilight Zone episode, where a person might wake up some place where everything seemed familiar, yet was not. In this world, a person's house may look like his house and his kids like his kids. Yet the house isn't his house, and the kids don't even recognize him.

In a way, that's what it's like to travel by RV in a distant land. I experienced this feeling in New Zealand. Everything seemed so "the same" -- as if I were RVing in my own country. And yet, one look inside the cab of my rented camper van, where the steering wheel was on the right instead of the left, told otherwise.

This week, we're introducing a new column at by Aussie RVer Gail Bennett, who will write about "Motorhoming Down Under." From what I know of RVing in Australia, I believe that to American and Canadian RVers, RVing "Down Under" is much the same as here in North America in how it's done and the people who do it.

While we here in North America travel our own highways and byways, halfway around the globe there's a similar RVing community. If you were to attend a rally in Australia, for example, you might need to remind yourself from time to time that no, you were not in your home country anymore, but 10,000 miles away.

One day on the South Island of New Zealand, I came upon a scene that looked so much like one in western Washington that I pulled off the road, snapped a photo, and marveled that a place so far away from my home could feel so familiar. I stared at the landscape and mumbled to myself, "Chuck, if you turn the RV around, and drive for three hours, you will be home." The scene looked so familiar that it was hard for me to accept that I couldn't just reverse my direction and be back in Seattle in a few hours.

People I met in campgrounds in New Zealand were very much like the people I meet on my trips in the States. Sure, the accent was different, and the RVs were a bit smaller. But the attitude of those RVers and the way they travel is virtually the same as here in North America.

So I hope you will follow Gail's articles as she explains her RV world, far away from our own. Maybe your curiosity will be piqued enough that you will make a trip Down Under one day to witness Australia first hand.

You can read Gail's first column by clicking here. And be sure to sign up for her fascinating email newsletter. 

RV weighing
We received many responses about my comments last issue about the importance of weighing an RV. Author Ron Jones suggested that readers should read his article on the subject.

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Canadian province gains Wal-Mart support over "No parking" policy
It's illegal to spend the night in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Nova Scotia, Canada, but the Wal-Mart in Halifax has not enforced the law. Until now. The store recently posted "No Overnight parking" signs in its parking lot. The Canadian campground industry has long lobbied the Nova Scotia government to ban the practice of illegal "overnight stays" in public places. And now, Wal-Mart appears to have turned a friendly ear to the government's concerns and is seeking a way to come up with a solution. "For us it's more important to be the store of the community (and) working with the community than just implementing an (American) initiative in Canada," said Wal-Mart company spokesperson Yanik Deschenes. The president of the Campground Owners Association of Nova Scotia says she considers Wal-Mart's decision a "wonderful first step" in helping to address the long-standing issue. "We are hoping that Wal-Mart has sort of set the tone, that this is not acceptable, and other large stores will follow suit," Leanne Hachey of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business told the Halifax Chronicle Herald. If you have an opinion, you can email to the newspaper's "Letters" section at .

World's most expensive RV debuts
If you've got $2.5 million to spare, you can be the proud owner of a just-introduced Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus, a coach that makes other luxury coaches look like Minnie Winnies. This is definitely not a coach built with family camping trips to state parks in mind. It's a coach with everything for the person who has everything and who can embrace the idea that ridiculous excess is okay. How many coaches do you know of with a built in treadmill? And that's not all: A custom desk boasts suede lined drawers and a laptop computer with multifunction printer. The salon, galley and hall ceiling are covered in custom copper sculpture by Chip Manz. Ceiling lighting shines through Swarovski crystal. Get the idea?
Learn more about this coach and see pics here.

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Articles from the RV Travel family of websites

An oil change gone wrong
A simple oil change on the road turns into a mathematical nightmare when low-end mechanics are put in the equation. Learn tips on checking up on your mechanic.
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Stay free in Wal-Mart parking lots
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Cool... Very Cool
Cruzin Cooler combines two basic necessities of life, the ability to have cold food or a beverage handy along with the means to get somewhere, without walking.
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All the Stuff You Need to Know About RVing
Plastic bins
are great for separating dry foods in the cabinets. Use bins with holes in the sides to facilitate air circulation. This tip is one of more than 500 in All the Stuff You Need to Know About RVing
by Ronald Jones and Robert Lowe.
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"Electronics" keeping National Park visitors away
The growing popularity of electronic media may be responsible for a significant drop in visitors to National Parks according to this month's edition of the Journal of Environmental Management. Park visits have dropped steadily for 16 years. Now, after scientific study, researchers say 97.5 percent of the drop could be attributed to increased time Americans spend watching movies at home and in the theater, surfing the Internet and playing video games, not to mention the cost of gas. In 2003, the average American devoted 327 more hours than in 1987 watching movies, playing video games and using the Internet.

RVers claim that Fleetwood misrepresented towing capacity
Fleetwood's 2005 and 2006 Providence, Discovery, Excursion, Expedition and Bounder Class A motorhomes were sold to consumers with a sticker advertising a towing weight capacity of 10,000 pounds. Now, according to consumer protection attorney Robert F. Brennan, the company is informing consumers that the 10,000 limit was a mistake and is offering a new sticker to be placed over the old sticker indicating a tow limit of only 5,000 pounds. "This is not a recall; it's a cover-up," said Brennan. "A recall is used where the manufacturer can do something to fix the problem. Putting a sticker on the RV, stating that it now has one-half of the towing capacity that was represented when it was sold, is more of a fraud than a fix." Brennan’s firm represents two consumers who claim coach problems in addition to the misrepresentation about towing capacity. Both cases have been filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

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Bill's Hint 
Your internal water system is rated for only about 50 pounds of water pressure. Unless you are certain that you have a pressure regulator built-in, always add one to your hose before connecting it to your pressure fitting. Install it on the water source end of your hose. -- from Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.
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Company churning out alternative diesel fuel
A Nebraska company is busy these days turning soybean oil into diesel fuel. Evergreen Renewables hopes to produce about five million gallons of the fuel a year, which right now is selling for two to three cents less per gallon than regular diesel. Nebraska governor Mitch Daniels poured the first gallon of the company's introduced product into his motorhome last week. “The time has come for this,” he said. Supporters of the fuel are hoping that Nebraska truck stops will sell it, noting that the more that’s sold, the cheaper the price.

The life of a construction zone flagger
We've all seen them, flaggers who stop us and then let us proceed through road construction areas. But we seldom give much thought to these people and their jobs. According to an article in the Baker City, Oregon newspaper, some flaggers are regulars, and travel from job to job with their RVs. Here's a very interesting profile of flagger Becky McCullers, who is in her seventh season directing traffic at a construction zone.
Take a few minutes to read this
. You may gain a new appreciation of the people who perform what often looks like the world's most boring job.

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Stupid RVer stunts
People keep track of all sorts of things. For example, many people record their kids' height on a wall, marking and dating each measurement. Well, if you are an RVer, you could keep track of all the stupid things you have done with or to your RV. Most RVers would never think of keeping such a tally, which, in itself, may seem pretty stupid. But one man does keep track of his not-too-brilliant stunts. If you care to learn what they are,
here's where to go

Special milk lasts a long time
Here's a tip about a product that comes in very handy when you are on a long RV trip — a milk that can be stored at room temperature for up to six months while remaining perfectly fresh. The milk is "Ultra High Temperature" (UHT) processed to stay fresh without refrigeration until you are ready to use it, and it contains no preservatives. Once opened it requires refrigeration just like regular milk. One brand is produced in Idaho by Gossner Foods. A good way to utilize this product is to carry a few quarts with you on your RV trips, pulling a quart from storage when necessary, perhaps when your refrigerated supply runs dry far from a general store. UHT milk is also good for storing at home in the unlikely case of an emergency. It's hard to find UHT milk on store shelves in North America, but in Europe it's often easier to find it than the refrigerated product.

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Boondocking Tip
By Russ and Tiña De Maris

Drinking glasses
When we're on the road, we use different colored drinking glasses so we can identify which is ours. We don't wash them until the end of the day after repeated use. We reduce the number of dishes we need to wash by using paper plates. This doesn't always work, like with a steak, when you can end up eating a little paper along with the meat. In that case, a real plate is in order. When using a real plate, after eating, "de-gunk" it with a paper towel before washing. Then use a sauce pan as your "sink" to save water. -- Russ and Tiña De Maris are the authors of RV Boondocking Basics.

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RVing to Mexico
Headed south of the border with your RV? Here is a wealth of information from Mexico RVing experts Dot and Bill Bell.

Guidebooks and DVDs about RVing in Mexico .

2006 Next Exit Directory
Don't get lost! Never take a wrong exit off an Interstate highway again. The 2006 Next Exit lists every exit along every Interstate and what's at each: campgrounds, fuel, truck stops, casinos, malls, rest areas, hospitals and more. Learn more or order.
Early efforts to bottle soft drinks were challenging. Bottles sometimes exploded under the pressure of carbonation. The Hutchinson bottle was used in early bottling efforts including those of Coca Cola. It was sealed by a rubber gasket held in place by a long, looping wire. The term "soda pop" got its nickname from the "pop" that resulted when the wire and stopper were pushed down into the bottle.

Fragrance without the Flame
There's a special beauty and tranquility to candles, but a lighted candle is also an open flame, and a potential fire hazard. The RV Safety candle gives you that beauty and the fragrance you love - without the danger! Learn more and get yours today.

RV Tech Tip by Mark Polk
One of the most common repairs for RVs is a damaged TV antenna. Whenever your TV antenna is up, hang your keys for the RV (motorized) or the tow vehicle (for trailers) on the antenna crank handle. This way it is impossible to leave without realizing the antenna is up. (Learn about
Mark Polk's RV "How-to" DVDs and eBooks .)

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RVing Resources. . .

Why We Need English Teachers
(as witnessed along the highways of America)
Why we need English Teachers

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Worth Pondering 
"To live only for some future goal is shallow. It's the sides of the mountains that sustain life, not the top." --Robert M. Pirsig

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