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RV Travel: Could it be, a 60-foot fifth wheel trailer?

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Weekend of March 10-11, 2007
Issue 266
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Editor's Corner
By Chuck Woodbury

I would like to write about my fondness for dirt. You may think that dirt is a bad thing and wonder why I would write about such a subject. The fact is, dirt is good in many ways. For example, it is necessary to plant a garden. It's also the number one reason we own vacuum cleaners. If you were a vacuum cleaner salesman, you would like dirt very much.

Prairie Dogs like dirt, too.
I chose to write about dirt because of my dream last night. I dreamed of when I was a little boy, digging tunnels with my pals in a vacant lot near my home in suburban Los Angeles. The tunnels were like fox holes, which we would cover with boards retrieved from nearby tract housing developments. We would then cover the boards with dirt. We would create vast networks of dark passageways, and if we were lucky we could connect a few with a gopher's tunnel, making for an all-natural intercom system. Always, we would dig a big meeting room, where by candlelight we would eat potato chips and discuss kid stuff. It was our dark and private world, off-limits to all grown-ups. I remember one time when a buddy brought in a girlie magazine called "Black Silk Stockings." We passed it around, wide-eyed at what we saw.

I recall with great fondness the smell of that earth. I also remember above ground, when my buddies and I would smooth out miniature highways where we would "drive" our toy cars and trucks on the packed dirt. Driving has never been as good since: a kid's imagination is better than any adult reality.

A few years ago, I was driving my motorhome through farmland on a warm summer day, my windows open. As I passed a farmer plowing a recently irrigated field, the strong smell of the moist dirt blew right into my nose. It was very familiar. I inhaled deeply. All of a sudden I was a kid again, back in that vacant lot, playing with my pals. I felt instantly happy and content.

So that's why I like dirt. Sure, it can cause a mess, I know that. My philosophy is that you take the good with the bad. And if the bad is worse than the good then you buy a vacuum cleaner and go on with your life.

Camp free and help kids with cancer
To save money on a campsite and do a good deed, take advantage of KOA's Come Camp & Care With Us on the May 11-12 weekend. Campers who stay at participating KOA Kampgrounds as paying guests on May 11 are eligible to stay free the next night. The popular event, now in its fourth year, raises money for KOA Care Camps which enable children with cancer to enjoy camping while continuing their treatments. Last year's event raised more than $100,000. The participating KOA Kampgrounds get booked up fast, so make your reservation right away. Learn more and see a list of participating campgrounds.

Nearly half (45%) of all readers have owned a cell phone for more than ten years. Only four percent bought their first cell phone within the last two years. See the results of our survey.

Sixty foot long fifth wheel trailer?
RV blo
gger Jerry Brown ponders the Recreational Vehicle Industry's decision to promote federal legislation to increase the maximum size of fifth wheel trailers from their present 400 square feet limit. He wonders whether this will mean a 60-foot fifth wheel trailer. What do you think? Should RV makers be permitted to make the RVs larger? Read Jerry's thoughts and then leave a comment.

The Fuel Efficient Motorhomes You'll Love to Drive! Learn all about them here.

Vote for your favorite RV place
What's your favorite RV place? Is it a state park, BLM land, national forest, national park, private RV park, Corps of Engineers campground, stretch of beach or someplace else? Blogger Jim Twamley has a favorite RV place, and he wants to hear what yours is. To see where Jim would most like to be and to cast your own vote, click here.

U.S. RV manufacturer to build travel trailers in Mexico
Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. will begin production in May in Mexicali, Mexico of two popular travel trailers. Fleetwood reportedly pays full-time employees at its Southern California facility about $20 an hour in wages and benefits, but will pay $4 an hour in Mexico. Read more.

Cindy needs to quit RVing and get a hotel room
Check out this video by a new RVer named Cindy who is not a happy camper. She's bored, the restaurant where she wants to eat is closed, she thinks her husband will crash their motorhome and kill her, and she has a big fight with him after he lets the cat get loose. Cindy is not the poster lady for the RVing industry, that's for sure. See her tell her sad tale.

What's wrong with motorhomes here?
Women RVers blogger Adrienne Kristine has noticed something strange about motorhomes in the RV park where she's staying. Have you noticed the same thing at parks you visit? Are you perhaps one of the motorhome owners she's talking about? Click here.


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Pot of Gold Contest
Information about the contest is now in the right-hand margin of this newsletter.

2007 RV Show Schedule: We have updated our list of RV shows to include all those through June, 2007. Check in here to see where and when shows will be held in your area.

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This Week's Reader Survey

How did you finance your current RV? Answer here.

Last week's survey question
How extensive is the tool kit you carry with you in your RV? See results.

Past reader surveys and results

Postcard of the Week
Here is proof that just because a guy brags about something that seems too incredible to be true that sometimes it really is true. Hey, do pictures on postcards lie?

RV Cookbooks
Many to choose from. Check out the huge selection.

Great Reading
in our RV Travel Blogs
See the complete lineup of RV Travel blogs

FEATURED BLOG: RV Now: Fulltimer Jim Twamley always has something fascinating to say about RVing. He's a prolific blogger who passes along a tremendous amount of helpful information about RVs and the RV lifestyle. Who else will explain to you why the inside doors in RVs never reach all the way to the floor? Read his blog.

Fifth-wheel owners: this is for you
Fifth-wheel owners know that the area under the goose neck is a great place to stow outdoor furniture and other items when it rains. But how do you keep things dry there when the rain comes in sideways with the wind? Here's one solution.

How to keep pets and kids safely inside RVs
The screen doors on RVs are awfully easy to open--too easy, in fact, because dogs, cats and little kids can open them accidentally. Then the pets can escape and the kids might fall out and get hurt. But Jim Twamley knows how to keep a screen door securely closed. Click here to see what he does.

See a motorhome being made
In this five minute promotional video from Alabama-based Tiffin, you will see how one of its high-end motor coaches is assembled. It all begins with the chassis and works up from there -- the floors, wiring, cabinets, walls, the roof and eventually the finishing up process.
Pretty neat.

Not reading the power meter at RV sites can cost you money
Why in the world would an RVer want to read the clock-type electric meter many RV parks have installed at sites? Isn't that the manager's job? Russ De Maris explains why not paying attention to the meter can cost you money.

Explorer RV Insurance
Owners of motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and medium duty tow vehicles save up to 15% over our largest competitors by tailoring their coverage from over a dozen options. Learn more or get a quote.

Winter RV patrons to get special thank you in Mexico
Each winter, many of the snowbirds who boondock in the Quartzsite area visit the Mexican border town of Los Algadones to shop. Now it's payback time. Read how the community plans to thank its American patrons.

Who's NOT driving RVs?
Adrienne Kristine often frowns when she sees who's behind the wheel of an RV--or rather, who's NOT there. Click here to find out what her concern is.

Motorhome owners: Is this lightweight two-seater the perfect dinghy?
A small, economical, two-seat car that's popular in Europe will soon be available in the United States. Sounds like a great idea for motorhome owners seeking a lightweight dinghy. Or is it? Better not plop down your dollars before reading this.

It's true: Portable wine cellar debuts for RVs
Now you can have your wine and drink it too in your RV, that is. A special wine cellar allows you not only to store your favorite wine, but to control the temperatures in various areas of the device. This is a nifty device.

Free Night of Camping at KOA
Camp two nights for the price of one and help a good cause.
Learn how!

Problem: An IRS audit here, and you're RVing there
With the April 15 tax deadline coming up, it's time to consider a dreaded possibility: the audit. Suppose the IRS summons you for an audit to a place far from where you plan to be RVing then? Getting the location and date changed can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here's a better idea.

Stinky holding tank in your RV? Here's help
Yuck! RV holding tanks can stink. RV expert Mark Polk explains what causes holding tank odors and what you can do about them in this short educational video.

Great RV, great kitchen? Not necessarily
If you like to cook, it makes sense to choose an RV with a well-designed kitchen. You'd expect to find such a kitchen in any RV that has a great reputation. But editor Chuck Woodbury was disappointed in the kitchen of one high-quality motorhome he traveled in recently. See which one, and why.

Gardening on the go: Yes, you can do it while RVing!
Do you love to grow a garden, but can't because you're on the road in your RV? Well, Brent Peterson has news for you: you can travel with an RV and keep a garden, too! Read more.

Blue Ox adds heavy duty hitch to lineup
Blue Ox has added a premium heavy-duty hitch to its portfolio of products. The Diamond Hitch is convenient to use, has impressive safety features and is designed for easy installation. Read more.

Check out our RV Travel Forum discussions

Is This Rig Stable?
At the RV show in Seattle last month, I looked at the 2008 Jayco Greyhawk Class C which was 33 feet on a Kodiak chassis [or at least it had the Chevy engine]. It appeared that the rear wheels were set in quite a way from the back end of the rig. I realize that that is the bedroom area, in which one doesn't speed a lot of time, but it looked quite unstable. I know this is a new model but have others seen it?
Cell Phone Number
If/when you changed legal residence when you went full-time, did you keep your old cell phone number or set up a new number in the new state of residence? Advantages or disadvantages?

Toilets? What's the Difference or Preferred?
I am new to this, obviously, and was wondering about toilets in motorhomes. I see marine toilets listed and was wondering what the options and differences in motorhome toilets are?
Aqua Hot and Hydro Hot Systems
Of those who have either Aqua Hot or Hydro Hot systems, how do you mitigate the potential impact to your neighbors? We are very cautious not to allow our system to "SMOKE" our neighbors, if you know what I mean.
Checking RV Park Polarity
I have read in several magazines/books that there is a tester you can buy (Camping World?) to test if the campground electrical outlets are wired correctly. I have found one for 15 amp, but what do I use for 30 and 50 amp?

RVing in Mexico
Read articles by Mexican RV experts Bill and Dot Bell. Includes many reader questions and answers. Click here.
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RVers who like searching for buried treasure should try this
It's a high-tech form of hide and seek. It involves some traveling and some hiking. It's mentally challenging and fun for the whole family.
What is it?

Is hard water damaging your RV's plumbing system?

Did you know that the "hard," or mineral-rich water found in some parts of the country can damage an RV's plumbing system? The water leaves deposits inside pipes and can even eat through fittings. Blogger Russ De Maris offers one solution.


Life on Wheels conferences offer RVers a valuable helping hand

If you're fairly new to fulltiming or RVing in general, it might be time to go back to school--the fun kind. Life on Wheels is an annual RV conference held in several locations around the country, featuring classes on many aspects of RVing. Taught by RVing experts, the classes can save beginners a lot of mistakes and headaches. Click here to read more.

Bumper Snicker
Beer doesn't make you fat. It makes you lean (against doors, tables, walls)."
Read other funny bumper stickers or buy them

How much money will you need for fulltiming?

How do you budget for fulltiming? It's a difficult question, since each RVer's situation and needs are different. Russ De Maris has found a handy two-page budget form that will let you compare your current expenses with those you'll have on the road. The numbers will help you decide whether or not you'll need to work a bit while fulltiming. Click here.


Camping clubs are good for some RVers, bad for others

Membership camping clubs: Are they for you? That depends on how you RV. Some RVers swear by such clubs, others swear at them. For insight on membership camping clubs, as well as an alternative idea, Click here.


RVers can save $$$$ by working on the road

Work camping is usually thought of as making money on the road, but it can also mean saving money through job perks and discounts. Jaimie Hall describes some of the ways that RVers can save by working.

Ouch! A moment of inattention, a remedy for the future

Blogger Jerry Brown forgot to lower the tailgate of his pickup truck while unhitching. Ouch! Read what the moment of inattention prompted him to buy.


Like a morning cup of coffee in your RV? Try this

Little conveniences can make RVing even more enjoyable. Here's a great new product for coffee drinkers.

In Tennessee, the stage is set for you!
Let your interests be your guide to vacationing in Tennessee. Finalize your outings and hammer out all the driving details - all online. Once you have made your selections and built your vacation, forget your worries and stress. Come unwind in Tennessee.

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Worth Pondering
"If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?" -- Scott Adams
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Random RV Thought
Some RV dealers are advertising payment plans where you put no money down on a new RV and finance it for a long time. Sure, the payments are low. But if you decide to sell your RV after only four or five years you will almost certainly owe more than the RV is worth after its depreciation. The sad result: You will have to pay a dealer or whoevever buys your RV to take it off your hands -- and sometimes that can be tens of thousands of dollars. So be careful.

Buying an RV?
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RV Travel staff
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