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Small motorhome gets 50 miles per gallon.

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If today's fuel prices are forcing you to stay at home, then maybe you need a Romahome, a compact European motorhome that gets an incredible 50 miles per gallon. Several models are offered, but all are smaller than American motorhomes. Sadly for North Americans, the vehicles are sold primarily in the U.K. and Ireland. The company is headquartered in Northern Ireland.

Since the first Romahome was built in 1982, the company's philosophy has been to produce motorhomes with the versatility, economy and drivability of a car combined with all the features of a motorhome. For many owners, their Romahome is their only vehicle.

The Duo models meet the needs of urban shopping and long distance touring. A two-berth version includes features common with American RVs -- electric hook ups, auxiliary battery, and three way Electrolux 60 litre fridge. A dedicated toilet compartment is optional.

The new Pullman model offers a light and airy living space, giving more room to move around and offers the facility to carry two passengers safely with seat belts.

The Outlook model creates a comfortable and spacious living environment in the day with large panoramic windows and a sleeping accommodation that provides either two permanent single beds or a king sized bed which takes a few moments to make. The RV is made with a one-piece glass-fibre body shell.

Maybe it's time someone started importing these small, efficient rigs to North America.

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