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Isolated camping can be therapeutic

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Most RVers are friendly, social folks who like to congregate and make friends. Occasional camping far from other people, though, offers some benefits.


Boondocking away from people can be rewarding.
If RVing means getting away from the crowds, noise and bustle of home, isolated camping is an apt prescription. A campground can't provide total escape because it has some of those same ogres--even good neighbors make a little noise. And, like any community, a campground imposes rules and restrictions.


When you're boondocking off by yourself in a remote location, on the other hand, you're about as free as it's possible to be within the law. No TVs, radios or generators to disturb your serenity. No sounds of civilization at all, other than distant, occasional ones such an aircraft passing far overhead or perhaps a train whistle in the next valley. No campground regulations. Operate your generator all night long, if you want. Let your dog run around off-leash. Step outside in your shorts. Yell at the top of your lungs.


For some RVers, such an atmosphere is necessary for maximum release from the pressures of everyday life. Pensive RVers can sit in a lounge chair outside, amid the stimuli of nature, and reflect on career, goals and relationships. Without the distractions of a campground, it's also an opportunity to reconnect with one's spouse or other family members who might be on the trip.


Isolated camping does pose the obvious risk of lack of immediate help in case medical or mechanical trouble develops. And in the absence of organized activities, RVers who aren't particularly self-directed might have trouble entertaining themselves.


Only hermits want to remain in the boondocks away from people indefinitely. But a week or so can be a refreshing, therapeutic experience.

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