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Comments for Quick moving, photo-snapping tourists

  • Chuck,
    We travel for leisure a lot, nationally and internationally. One of our rules is to always stay somewhere for a minimum of 3 nights. It allows you to discover an area, slow down and create memories. In the US, many people have limited vacation time, hence the rush to see as much as you can in a short period of time. We have been fortunate to be able to tour for weeks at a time, so we can follow the 3 night rule. Soon to retire and make use of our new, tiny, T@B trailer, we plan to spend weeks at a time in one area. We encourage our novice traveler friends and colleagues to stay longer in one place., too.

  • when my son was 14 I bout a new. W pop up camper. Small fridges, stove and 2 beds. We put our 3 bikes on it and took of for nearly si. Weeks of summer fun. From .wa state to the Florida Keys
    , Cape Canaveral (saw sally Ride take off, to kennybuncport Main. So many stops but some like the bikers did . A quick pose for the camera shot .my wife stepping out into water up to her ankles ina downpour in NY City going to the CG bathrooms saying You have know how much I love this trip and put up with a lot but this is redicolous. We had a very little 4″ Portable TV and also A/C.

  • Good one C.W…….a famous quote”its not always the places you go,but the people you see” hmm very true indeed.

  • I recently saw a tourist at a National Park. In the theater during a film taking photos of the sites to see there. I was wondering if they even stopped to see the sites!!!!!

  • I once ran the PA system for a university lecturer who went to Europe every summer. She told the story of standing outside Chartres Cathedral when a couple rushed up. He said, “We’ve got 15 minutes, you do the inside, I’ll do the outside.”