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Comments for Reader’s Recipe: Wolfe’s One Pot Pot Roast Dinner

  • Just like I make it as taught by my mother and grandmothers, except I don’t think you need a gravy mix. There may be unhealthful ingredients in the mix, and its flavor may ruin your pot roast. I use a small amount (1-2 tablespoons) of cornstarch or plain white flour made into a roux with some of the liquid from the pot. I hate adding anything processed to my meals, but this is at least minimal. (I use organic flour or cornstarch to mitigate its use a bit. . .)

    Note there is a typo in the recipe. Celery “stocks” should be “stalks” in two places.

    • Hi, Sherry! Thank you for the advice on adding cornstarch or flour instead of the gravy mix. Maybe Wolfe will try this next time! And thank you for catching the spelling error in celery stalks – whoops! Fixed now. 🙂

  • Hi Emily, I have a suggestion rather than a recipe. Are you familiar with Sous Vide cooking? If not, you should look into it. A Sous Vide cooker provides VERY precise temperature control of water. The food you’re cooking is either in a vacuum sealed bag or, a ziplock bag that has had the air squeezed out as the bag is sealed. Meat can be seasoned/browned before or after cooking (if desired). Because of the precise temperature control, it’s virtually impossible to overcook food using Sous Vide. I’ve left a roast beef in for 20+ HOURS and, the results were perfectly RARE roast beef (that was as tender as a pot roast!). Lots of different foods can be cooked by Sous Vide. I first learned of Sous Vide at an RV rally and, am REALLY glad I went to that cooking seminar!

    • I have read warnings about ever cooking meat in a Ziploc bag. However maybe the Sous Vide system may allow it. I have never heard of them, but good thing to learn about.

      I have had an electric pot which includes a pressure cooker and have yet to get around to using it. Sad right? I use stop top ones every day almost.

    • Hi, John! Thank you for the suggestion! The Sous Vide cooker seems like a great idea for RVing chefs! I’ll look into this and try to find some recipes but in the meantime, if you have any favorite recipes using the Sous Vide cooker, please send them to me at emily (at) Thanks, John!

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