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Comments for Reefer madness? Did you purge the gas line?

  • You forgot to mention the AC/LP hot water heater has this same issue of phantom gas.

    I totally second your experiences and using the stove to “bring up” the gas – but *why* is this neccessary after just closing the tank for a couple weeks? It seems to me, even if a minor leak released the pressure, the lines would still contain propane, and be repressurized when you open the tank again… Instead, appliances act like the line was re-filled with unburnable air…what’s up?

  • I’ve been using my Fleetwood Bounder for six years and have been using large coolers to store food while driving. I decided to try turning on the LP gas and put the food in my frig for traveling. It never worked (had to stop in Topeka, KS for another overpriced cooler). On the fourth day I read through my manuals and found out I had to turn on my gas detector first, which I did (and I always do when I park, but never have turned it on while driving). Driving back I tried turning on the frig with the gas and it still didn’t work. It kept going back to “check”. I had been using my stove for at least four days while hooked up to shore line (the frig worked on that), so I don’t see how turning on the stove to burn off gas would help. Camping World did a complete check before I left and said everything (including the frig) worked. Is there something else I’m missing? I could try turning on the stove again, but I really don’t think that will help.