Rent a tiny house (like an RV) near a Florida beach

If you’re hankering to visit Sarasota, Florida, and plan to leave your RV somewhere else, here’s a way to stay in an RV park and enjoy an experience close to traditional RVing. Rent a tiny house at Tiny House Siesta, less than a mile from the beach.

Tiny houses are small like most RVs (about 300 square feet), but they are not intended to be moved around a lot. Instead, you park it somewhere, and then live in it full-time or as a compact home away from home.

Millennials and other young and semi-young folks seem to like tiny homes. Even though RVs are “cool” these days, tiny houses are often even cooler.

At Tiny House Siesta, you can rent a tiny house by the day for about $130. The one in the photo, the Red Lifeguard Stand, which sleeps two, goes for $127 a night. Altogether there are ten tiny houses, although one, an Airstream trailer, really shouldn’t qualify.

Tiny House Siesta is the brainchild of Jeremy Ricci. When he acquired a chunk of an old RV park he thought renting tiny houses there might be a great idea. So far, so good.

Like all but very basic RVs, each tiny house has complete living facilities — beds, bathrooms with flush toilet and showers, etc.

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  1. Ray Thompson

    Is there any way to repair a crack in my shower floor, or does it need to be replaced. It is a 2016 Coachman trailer

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