Replacing RV awning — roller tube question


gary-736Dear Gary,
I need to replace the awning fabric on my 18-foot awning. All of the aftermarket replacements I find are two pieces, a main awning and a valance. I am having trouble visualizing how the two are joined together in the single slot on the roller tube. Please advise how this is done. —Ron T.

Dear Ron,
Many awning roller tubes (depending on brand and vintage) have two or three individual slots: one for the canopy, another one for the valance and possibly a third slot in order to incorporate a screen room panel. If your roller tube only has a single slot, it will not be possible to include the valance, I’m afraid.

That said, I have seen replacement canopies with a “built-in” valance. A single piece of the plastic gimp was sewn into a seam between the main canopy and the valance. This allows the single gimp to utilize a single slot roller tube. You may have to order a replacement directly from the manufacturer or one of their dealers rather than utilizing an aftermarket replacement. 

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