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Comments for RV and RV-related recalls for October 2017

      • Thanks, Tommy … and Tommy. That may not be 100% accurate. Sometimes a recall comes out shortly after our list is assembled so may not show up on the list of recalls until the next month. In that case, we may list it in the newsletter or a separate post just to get the word out in the meantime. But we try to be as complete and current as possible. If someone is interested in a specific recall and they don’t see it on our list, they can always do a search on Google with the name of the trailer or other RV, then type “recalls” and see what Google comes up with. Thanks for checking. —Diane at

  • Regarding the Norcold Settlement, I read the court documents. Attorney fees totaled about 9 million and the highest award to an actual plaintiff was $7,500 . Sounds about right…..

  • My 2011 Ford Ranger was recalled because of defective (deadly) air bag activators. I got the recall notice over 2 years ago but Ford still will not fix the problem. So much for Ford’s quality.

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