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Comments for RV batteries go dead, even while plugged into shore power

  • Excellent answer. Unfortunately, you would have to be an electrician to do all of this. Back to the dealership!

  • “converter charging module (or the breaker for the converter), is turned off, or if you have some type of battery disconnect solenoid engaged”
    I am trying to learn before buying a Class A RV so a picture of what is a converter charging module, where do I find the breaker for the converter, where would I find the switch and some type of battery disconnect solenoid? Maybe a picture or two would help. If a picture can’t fit in the newsletter than a reference to a web page would help. This leaves me more confused than helped. Sir I consider myself a decent handyman but never having had an RV the answer has me asking for an RV repair class.

    • Help, help, did I mention help. New rv owner of a Tiffin Allegro Open road 2005. Coach batteries unable to receive charge. Do you know where the switch for the converter charging module is located? Please throw me a life line.

  • Twice I have helped newbies that didn’t realize the breaker on the pedestal was off: they figured once they plugged in that power was there.

  • Perhaps you can offer a suggestion for this problem: The RV Norcold reefer in our 2016 fifth wheel (we full time) has started giving us an error message that says “lo dc”, mostly occuring in the afternoon when we open one of the doors. Our batteries are fully charged. The reefer remains on shore power and keeps the correct temperature, but we don’t know why we’re getting that error message.