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Comments for RV generator blues: High temps and altitudes

  • When you LIVE at 5,000+ feet, I would hope that generators you buy locally at this altitude would already be adjusted for this. But, probably not huh. They just ship them in from wherever and put them on the shelf.

  • Makes you wonder why generators are still being designed with 50 year old technology? Carburetors and mechanical ignition systems are primitive by any standard. Not to mention the 3600 constant RPM and analog control of frequency. Seems to me there is a demand and market for more advanced generators, but I haven’t seen any. At least not the built-in type for motorhomes. As much as these things cost there is no excuse for them to be using 50 year old technology.

  • You comments all appear to be addressed to using portable generators. Do the same problems occur with the larger generators built in to motorhomes, fifth wheels, and newer trailers?

    • Probably not Sherry. The portables put out less power, whereas most RVs with built-in generators are rated around 5,000 watts. General rule in my humble opinion is you can never have too much power.