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Comments for RV levelers raising tires off the ground — occupants queasy!

  • Our MH front is always lower than the back. This means the front always has to come up often with the wheels off the ground to level it – worse with uneven RV sites. We carry boards that we put under the wheels. We do this by going a little higher than we need, put the boards under, let jacks back down then raise again. Right now the site we are on is so bad we have 3 boards (about 6 inches) under the front tires. When we set up a spot at my sister’s for us, we sunk the boards for the pad about 4 inches in the back because of the way our MH is built.

  • I would be leery of mounting any of the jacks lower, especially if you do any dry camping where you drive over irregular terrain, as I have drug the jacks on high spots doing that. I carry a good supply of 2×8 boards of lengths of about one foot longer than each other, and cut one edge at 45 degrees, leaving 1/2″ at 90 degrees. This gives me in essence a short ramp to drive onto, and the 1/2″ keeps the end from splitting. Once I get the coach near level, I place wood leveling blocks made from 2×6 boards 18″ long, made into a square and covered on one side with 3/4″ plywood, with another 2×6 board running across the center, under the plywood. This reduces the extension needed on the jacks, and has worked perfectly for us.

  • On some occasions we level our 2015 Allegro via the ‘automatic’ method as that’s all our rig is equipped with. Should we place some type of blocks under the front tires or reposition our RV to ensure it is level without the front tires on the ground?