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Comments for RV Mods: Improve your fire escape-ability

  • I recently checked my emergency exit window. It was slightly stuck and then swung way out and took off. Fortunately did not break. I always thought it was hinged on top. Not so. There are two C shaped metal pieces that interlock but not very securely. When I went to re-install with a little effort I could pull it off on top. Still the manufacturer said it would be okay. First time I drove with it I was constantly checking but it stayed on even on some rough roads. But now I am reluctant to check it again for sticking. Some on the forums say not to open it – it is a one time operation.

  • We use a folded fire ladder for a second story apartment…that you CAN refold after testing. To use the escape ladder on our Class A Motorhome rear window I built a wooden box to ft over the wall so the top of the ladder would have something to grab onto. Works great and is stored in the bottom of the closet close to the window.

  • I own a Sprinter RV and I am appalled by people in other Sprinters putting an equipment storage box or bicycle rack on the trailer hitch. This makes it impossible to exit the rear doors in case of fire. I’ll choose safety over convenience any time.

  • I have a 2017 Rockwood Signature Ultralite Lite model 8299BS 5th wheel that does not have an egress window in the bedroom. The windows that are there are too small to get out of. Some do not even open. I have to wonder if that is even legal. Anyone have any comment or suggestion about this situation?