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Comments for RV Mods: Mod your rig for comfort

  • Good article, Russ! I think a lot of people don’t realize you CAN replace the ultra-cheap furniture with better quality at the same (often much better) prices.

    When I wanted to swap an unused bunk for a sofa at purchase, dealer wanted $2000 for a sofa that wasn’t even comfortable — $200 for a craigslist leather loveseat and a few L-brackets to hold it down, and it’s the best upright seats in my rig!

    Similarly, the absurd spring-torture mattress that came with my rig went into storage unused. I ordered a new $250 foam mattress online that makes the plywood platform rival my bed at home — and the foam was easily trimmed to fit the RV “short queen” format without a “special RV mattress” price.

  • After three+ years of searching for my second RV (my first was a 2010 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer I bought new; an EXCELLENT way to get started RVing), I decided on a Super-C Class diesel puller. It was a 2015 Dynamax DX3-37RB I bought new in May of 2014. The floorplan (99% usable with the two slides IN) and the fact that it was built on a Class 7 Freightliner HDT chassis (Heavy Duty Truck) with a Cummins 9L 350HP engine up front was the best overall package I had seen. What I had NOT done was to actually SIT in the dinette, sofa or lie on the bed for an EXTENDED period of time (more than thirty minutes) before buying. Although all those items looked beautiful, after as little as thirty minutes, it became painfully obvious that they were really just “eye candy” and were NOT suitable for extended use. I had retired and, was an “extended time” RVer (and hope to become a “full timer” soon). In 2015, I found ProCustomInc (Elkhart, IN). They specialize in altering factory RVs to the owner’s liking. I paid to have the OEM sofa, dinette and Serta mattress removed and replaced by furniture that IS comfortable. WHAT a difference comfortable furniture makes! If you only use your RV for weekends or a once a year vacation, you can probably put up with the “standard” furniture that RV builders usually install. If however, you plan on using you RV a LOT, comfortable furniture makes a HUGE difference in how happy you’ll be in your RV.

  • 2017 Forest River flagstaff. Came with two swivel rockers that were total trash and only fit in trailer if wedged tightly in back – blocking the rear door. We used one at home for a while – broke after a week of light use. The “sleeper” sofa was an unsleepable three different levels of foam. We donated the chairs and couch and replaced them with a sleeper sofa with a real mattress (same size and weight) and a pair of aluminum frame swivel rockers from Menards. New mattress in the main bedroom too. They should sell the trailers empty, but they couldn’t inflate the prices if they did that.

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