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Comments for RV Mods: Stretching your basement storage

  • I used a set of shoe holders from Tuesday Morning to hold all the aerosol cans and mounted it on the side wall . Now they are easy to find and dont roll around when traveling. All for about $10 and an hour of labor.

  • When using pegboard, I found the easiest spacer to use between the back of the pegboard and the wall is just a regular large nut. Not a walnut or peanut but a threaded type nut. Put the screw through the peg board, through the nut and into the wall.

  • We have a bunk room in our trailer. We will not be using the upper bunk as a bed, so I plan to put storage totes up there, held in place with bungee cords. Our basement is tiny, so it is used only for the essential items such as sway bars etc.

  • I made a table out of metal bed rails,put on a ply wood top then set it inside my pullout totes fit under the top plus i have a shelf for more storage

  • I installed those easy to pull off Christmas light clips (by Command), I’ve clipped in fishing pole pieces, hats, etc. I put them open side up at the top of a thru-compartment to hold the items securely.

  • Just an idea for those who like to use totes for storage. Drill two holes on each end about 3″ apart, cut about 10″ of rope, make a knot in one end, thread it thru a hole from the inside of the box then it the 2nd hole, make a knot and voila! You have a handle that you can grab (using your awning extender) should/when the tote slides in too far. Repeat for other end.

  • we are pulling a very small (14′) trailer, so the basement is miniscule. Fortunately, we have a cap on our truck bed, so we have alot of plastic bins there. Hubby took a long stick and hammered a long nail into one end. Just enough to have 3″ of the nail head poking out. He bent the nail so now we have a grabber to pull bins and bags toward us. Works great! This would work in deep basements too, I’m sure.