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Comments for RV and RV-related recalls for December 2017

    • Hi, Angela,
      I did a quick search on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website and see very few recalls for Northwood, and those were quite awhile ago (the ones I checked). Here’s the website: If a generic page comes up, just type in Northwood for the type of vehicle and you should see a list. In the Recalls column, just click on the number of recalls and it will take you to the information about that recall. Or you can put in the VIN on this page for your specific RV: It looks like it’s a very reliable brand. 😀 —Diane at

  • Kidde Fire extinguisher recalls for home and RV are up to ~42M units sold between January 1973 – August 2017: Since Kidde is the manufacturer, other extinguishers they made where sold under other names, like: Ademco, Bicentennial, Fire Away, Fuller, Home, Honeywell, Cadet, Mariner, Montgomery Ward, Quell, Sanford, Sears, Traveler, Volunteer. Check all of your dry chem extinguishers for the manufacturer’s name as well as web site. Everything I had in my house and RV were listed – but they have all been replaced by Kidde at no cost to me.

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