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Comments for RV and RV-related recalls for November 2017

  • RV Travel. Now you are doing something really useful for the RVers out here. Up till now I found most of your stuff on quality just bithcin. This is a great service and I hope you continue with the monthly RV recalls. An article for those of us who own older RVs and how to look up if our vehicle have ever been recalled would be nice. Or maybe I missed that one?
    We found out by accident our unit had a recall before we bought it used that was never taken care of.
    I am now considering a paid sub as this is a great service.

    • Thanks, Grumpy. I apologize for the delay in responding. Here are some options for you: (1) We’ve been publishing a monthly RV and RV-Related Recalls newsletter for quite a long time. You can sign up for a monthly email notice each time a new one is published (at this link: ). (2) Also, usually the RV Travel Newsletter on the first Saturday of the month will have a link in the Breaking News section under Chuck’s essay for the newsletter with the recalls for the prior month. (3) Also, you can go to our homepage ( and in the Search box type in Recalls. (4) Or, if you want to go to the official government website for recalls to see if your RV has been recalled, you can go to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, where they have a page you can just put in the vehicle’s VIN. Here’s that link: They cover (most) recalls for vehicles up to 15 years old. (5) Or you can just Google the name and year of your RV and put Recall after it, which should get you the information you need. Good luck! 😀 —Diane at

  • We too were wondering about recalls on travel trailers. How can I look up that info, to see if our 17′ ft. 2017 Coleman travel trailer has been recalled?

    • Hi, Joyce & Mike,
      Please see my lengthy response to Grumpy’s comment, below. Thank you. And I apologize to you, as well, for the long delay in responding. I wrote a note to myself to do it, but got sidetracked and forgot. Sorry. 🙁 —Diane at

  • Thanks Chuck for all the effort you put into RVtravel. Even though I’m a seasoned camper for 50 years, been there done that, I still learn something from you & your staff.
    I Appreciate all your efforts to get better quality from the RV manufactures!


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