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Issue 746 • Week of June 11-17, 2016

Editor’s corner
With Chuck Woodbury               
Chuck (at) RVtravel.com

Last night at sunset in Hawthorne, Nevada.

Oh, my, how things can change! I am writing to you now from a 2011, 32-foot Winnebago Adventurer, which Gail and I purchased last week in Las Vegas. It’s gorgeous, with a mere 12,000 miles. It looks brand new. The previous owners, who cared for it meticulously, were forced to sell because of health issues. We got an excellent deal. 

When I started looking for a larger RV I decided to buy “used” instead of new, letting the previous owner deal with the depreciation and work out the bugs that typically come with a new-model coach. A 2016 Adventurer costs about twice what I paid for my “nearly new” model.

As soon as Gail and I return to Edmonds, I will put my condo and Winnebago View up for sale (want a nice Sprinter motorhome?). I have been downsizing for years since my parents died in 2008, when I realized that 90 percent of what they owned they hadn’t touched for 20 years. It took me three weeks to wade through it all, and in the end most went to charity. I decided I would not leave my child with such a burden. 

Parked in front of the historic (haunted!) Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada.

And so, really, I have very little remaining to part with. Gail sold her home and business last year, so she is free as a bird, with a small storage locker holding what is left of her possessions. When my belongings are either gone or stored, and the condo and View sold, she and I will hit the road full-time. I will keep the pared-down RVtravel.com office, where our small staff will take care of business. I’ll return a few times a year.

Along Walker Lake just north of Hawthorne, Nevada.

As most of you know, I have traveled by RV for decades — more than half my life, mostly as a journalist. But on my four-month, cross-country trip with Gail last summer, I decided it was time to play more, work less on business “stuff” and do more writing, my passion. Many of you have voluntarily subscribed to this newsletter and/or have shopped at Amazon through our affiliate program —and that revenue, in the end, has made the difference between continuing the newsletter or shutting it down. I am thankful for the opportunity to keep it going into its 16th year and beyond.

Gail on our trip last summer.

Gail is more of an RV nut than me. And like me, she can be serious one moment and goofy the next. Our entire four-month trip last summer in the View was a delight, with frequent laughter and curiosity about what was around the next corner. Truly, we were made for each other.

We should be home in a week or so. First, we need to find a place to park the new RV for a few months until I sell my condo and the View. If you live in or near Edmonds, Wash., and have some spare space and are willing to rent it for a few months, I’m interested.  


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Get Ready for 100 Days of Camping
That’s right! 100 Days of Camping have arrived this summer with the kick off of Memorial Day weekend. Woo Hoo!

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Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.34.46 AMRV maker EverGreen Recreational Vehicles shuts doors
EverGreen Recreational Vehicles of Middlebury, Indiana, shut its doors Friday according to many reputable sources, although company officials have not returned phone calls to confirm. EverGreen was the fastest-growing RV manufacturer in 2013, according to The Elkhart Truth, which cited figures from Statistical Surveys. Elkhart County Commissioner Terry Rodino told the Truth he heard from a “extremely reliable” source that the company had closed this week. Read more.

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Reader RVs


RV-Kendrick-5-28-2016What RV do you drive or tow?
Send us a photo of your RV (and tow vehicle) with a 150-200 word description of where and how often you travel with it, and what you like or don’t like about it. Include your name(s) and hometown. We’ll post them to RVtravel.com. Send to assistant editor Diane McGovern at Diane(at)RVtravel.com .

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trumalogoHow can you end the “military” RV shower?
You know the routine, constantly turning off the shower to conserve hot water. That’s because most RVs have tank heaters with limited hot water. You never have to run out of hot water with a hybrid instant hot water heater. Find out how the Truma AquaGo®  gives you a real shower in your RV. Learn more here.

breaking-newsIf you’re worried about the jump in motor fuel prices, hold on: As the price of crude oil pumped up to $50 a barrel, more U.S. drilling rigs have begun to return to service. This has alarmed the oil industry, which worries that an increased production of oil could push the price back down into the $40 neighborhood. While the oil industry – and oil workers – may suffer as a result, it could turn into a silver-lined cloud for drivers.

Hikers near Flagstaff, Ariz., are being warned against an ancient malady: the bubonic plague. When a sharp-eyed hiker noticed a declining population of prairie dogs on the popular trail behind the Little America Hotel on Interstate 40, the local health department investigated and turned up fleas carrying the ancient pestilence. A flea bite can transmit the illness to humans, who could manifest headaches, chills, fever, muscle pains, weakness and swollen lymph nodes. Left untreated, septicemic or pneumonic plague may develop, which can cause death. Best advice? Stay away from rodent burrows, keep your dog on a leash, and use insect repellent.

While spring usually marks the opening of national park campgrounds, we mark the closure of several campgrounds in California’s Joshua Tree National Park. Now closed: Cottonwood (Loop B), Belle, Ryan, Indian Cove (West Loop) and Black Rock (sites 49-60, 69-99). All other campgrounds in the park including White Tank (usually closed in summer) remain open. The closed sites will reopen October 2. All closures are courtesy of Sol, who heated up our Quartzsite, Ariz., field office to 118 degrees last week.

Steve Walser photographed this (“Lifetime MH”) 1966 Town & Country with a Ford Chassis. See more of Steve’s photos or purchase them as prints, on tee-shirts, etc. by clicking here. Photo © Steve Walser

Family travel plans taking you to Pennsylvania? A law expected to be signed by the governor will mandate changes for RV-riding kids. Children under 2 will be required to ride in a rear-facing safety seat. Previously the law did not indicate which direction a safety seat must face. The law specifies these vehicles: passenger car, Class I truck, Class II truck, classic motor vehicle, antique motor vehicle, or motor home.

Seaside, Calif., city councilors have passed an ordinance that may be difficult for them to enforce. In mid-June it will be illegal to park RVs on city streets or in parking lots. Violators will be ticketed, and after three tickets, the ordinance calls for the RV to be towed. Trouble is, local tow yards say they don’t have space for RVs. Locals faced with finding a place to store their rigs are also put out – there’s no space available in privately held storage lots for those who want to pay to park.

While U.S. national parks are celebrating their Centennial, folks up north are gearing up for a party of their own. Next year marks 150 years for Canada’s park system, and for the entire year, admission to all Parks Canada sites will be free. An annual pass this year will set you back $136.40 for a family. But wait! They have just announced that Discovery Passes purchased in 2016 are valid for two years from the date of purchase! Learn more here.

The RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Ind., is famous for its historical recreational vehicle exhibits. If the foundation has its way, it will also add an event center and a 300-site RV rally park. Money for the project could come from a quasi-governmental authority that has money available for economic development projects. If it all falls together, the Hall could have its new constructs inside four years.

RV into house RVT 746
Photo: kval.com

A 30-foot RV went off Highway 101 near Tillamook, Ore., and plowed into a home Tuesday afternoon, pinning an elderly woman in the debris, Oregon State Police said. The woman received minor injuries and the driver of the 1956 motorhome, identified as Jerry O. Bahles, 41, of Welches, was taken by helicopter to a Portland hospital with life-threatening injuries, police said. Five members of the family in the home were upstairs when the crash happened. Source: kval.com.

Geocache fans may want to investigate Indiana. Honoring the centennial of state parks, the Centennial Geocache Challenge offers the chance to win an annual state park entrance card for 2017 and other gift card prizes. The trick is to stamp geocache finds on a “passport” card: Get five in a row, you can enter; get two rows and increase your chances of winning. More info here.

A membership campground near Kalamazoo, Mich., has come under fire by those who handed over money for memberships only to find out that the owner allegedly knew his campground was in foreclosure. Adventure Resorts promoter Ray Sheppard told a local TV news station he was trying to save the resort, and that he feels some of those who are complaining about their financial losses were just trying to get out of their membership deal when he, Sheppard, was in financial hot water. Source: wwmt.com.

RVs & Electric Bikes – the perfect match!
evelo-logo-732An Electric Bike is the perfect, simplest and most affordable way of sorting all the ‘challenges’ of RV’ing. Get around camp effortlessly, visit the sites or town nearby without unhooking or simply enjoy a fun ride with fellow campers! Click here to discover our electric bikes and get free shipping & returns, and 0% financing on any new EVELO.

news524(2)More News

Some target shooters in Montana national forests are raising a bit of a concern. While shooting within 150 yards of a campsite or developed recreation site is illegal, some shootists are reportedly “sawing trees in half” with high-powered rifles – just for sport. In some cases such “tree killing” has happened close to campsites. Last July, a camper named Glen Martin was killed while sitting by his campfire in Colorado’s Pike National Forest – the victim of a stray bullet. National Forest officials say they have no plans for changing rules on recreational target shooting.

While Yogi and Boo-Boo are generally credited with stealing “pic-a-nic” baskets at Jellystone National Park, apparently they’ve set a bad example. Parks Canada reports that a pair of wolves recently stormed a campsite at Tunnel Mountain Campground in Banff National Park. No amount of discouragement from campers at the site would deter the covetous canines, and the campers had to take shelter in a vehicle. Humans safely out of the way, the wolves helped themselves to the contents of a picnic cooler. Park officials are familiar with the wolves, and say this is the boldest move they’ve taken yet. 

Photo: Smugglers Notch, Vermont State Police

Big rig drivers who are paying more attention to their GPS units than to road signs are annoying Vermont officials no end. The problem hinges on a five-mile chunk of SR 108 from Cambridge to Stowe Mountain Resort. The road contains a tight curve called Smugglers Notch, and semi-truck drivers, ignoring the warning signs, are known to wedge their rigs in the notch, requiring extensive efforts at extrication. Now a new law jacks fines from $165 to up to $2,000 for ignoring the warning signs.

It almost sounds like the stuff bad limericks are made of. A man in his 60s was working under his Class C motorhome when the supports failed, sandwiching the RVer between the rig and terra firma. By the time rescue crews arrived, he had been able to get out from under the rig and was later flown to a trauma center for treatment. It happened in Massachusetts, in a town called – Sandwich. We do hope the RVer recovers from his injuries.

The first new territorial park in Yukon in over 30 years just opened. Conrad Campground offers 29 sites, including two pull-throughs and 27 back-ins, with plans to add a few more. The campground is 10 miles south of Carcross, and offers sites for $12 per night – no reservations required or accepted, i.e., first-come, first-served.


RV parks going to pot? Some will, if Grow Condos Inc. has its way. The company wants to build “cannabis-friendly RV campgrounds and resorts.” They’ve already got a brand name picked out: “Smoke on the Water Resorts.” The company says it will offer “turn-key properties” for adventurous park operators on a revenue-sharing basis. Look for the haze in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and California.

In Yuba City, Calif., a police chase of a stolen travel trailer got ugly when the accused driver tried to make a getaway while still towing the trailer. Dale B. Crittenden, 59, tried eluding police by driving across an irrigation ditch and into a field, disabling the vehicle. Crittenden allegedly fired shots at officers during a foot pursuit and they returned fire. No one was injured by gunfire. All said and done, turned out Crittenden was wanted for failing to appear for sentencing on a sex-offender charge. He’s now charged with theft of the trailer and the truck, suspicion of attempted murder, and assault with a deadly weapon.


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No more leaky water faucet hookups!
water-bandit-746Camco’s Water Bandit connects your water hose to otherwise unattachable water sources. One end connects to a standard water hose via a male, standard water connection. The other end, a highly flexible, silicone-polymer sleeve, stretches to fit over the end of virtually any standard water source; those with damaged or stripped threads and even water sources with no threads at all. Every RVer needs one of these on occasion. Learn more or order.

RV Quick Tips

friends-746Easy way to line cabinet shelves
Cabinet shelves bare and unlined? Here’s an alternative to contact paper: peel-and-stick floor tiles. Cut them to fit cabinets with a utility knife or even stout utility scissors.
Only put tire valve extenders on when necessary
Does your rig’s tires need valve extenders? You may find that with time, the extenders leak. So keep the extenders with your tire gauge and put them on the tire only when you need to check and/or adjust tire pressure.
A simple reminder which just may save your RV roof
Don’t bang your (RV’s) head: Make an easy-to-read note and put it on your dashboard or sun visor showing your RV height in feet and inches – and in metric too, if you travel out of the country. It could save your TV antenna, air conditioner – even your roof. Thanks to George Bliss for the tip!

RVArmorEPSLogoRV Armor has tough skin!Armor b4 after
RV Armor’s tough skin was featured recently in Trailer Life. Read the full story here. RV Armor offers a unique, liquid applied roof system that is Guaranteed for the Life of the RV! No more maintenance, seams or headaches. Nationwide mobile service. We come to you. To learn more, call 1-855-782-7667 or click here.

How a hospital stay can help you save water
As RVers, it’s natural for us to be a bit on the “conservative” side. After all, fresh water comes dear, and places to put waste water are just the same. Most RVers recognize that when it’s dishwashing time, it’s best to wash in a dishpan, rather than in the sink. But sometimes finding a dishpan that fits the RV sink is a bit of a trick. Here’s a source you might not have thought of. Read more.

A very useful power tool!
Rich “The Wanderman” (ex)claims this is the most useful power tool he has ever found. He was removing the old solar panels from his RV the hard way — with a putty knife and lots of elbow grease! Then a friend suggested a better way and once Rich tried it, this tool has earned a permanent place in his RV. Read more.

Replace fluorescent tubes with Cabin Bright LEDs
Low-voltage fluorescent lighting has been around the RV industry for many years, but fluorescent lights use quite a bit of power and have a somewhat frequent failure rate as compared to other types of lighting. A recent product on the market has solved this issue. Learn more.

Use common sense to become a happy boondocker
Boondocking is not brain surgery: Anyone can camp overnight without hookups. Two or three days takes a little effort – no, not effort – but, common sense in the use of your resources. What resources? Find out here.

parvshowimagelogoAmerica’s Largest RV Show runs September 14–18, 2016
See, compare and shop over 1300 new RVs from virtually every major manufacturer! Visit hundreds of vendors including campgrounds, accessories and services. Attend seminars covering subjects for the beginner to the seasoned RV enthusiast. Location is Hershey, PA. For more information, click here.

There’s more to “RV retirement” than just a lawn chair
Baby boomers are retiring and taking to the highways in search of the “real America,” exploring our national parks and boondocking in our national forests and in the southwestern deserts — with a lot of just sitting back and relaxing. But then they look in the mirror and wonder where all those extra pounds came from.  The RV lifestyle offers myriad opportunities for physical play, a few of which are included here.

Most RVers use additives in their holding tanks
Here are the results from when we polled readers about using chemicals in their holding tanks.  Read the results.

am-lock-sm-746Get your Amazon deliveries on the road
Amazon.com doesn’t miss an opportunity. One of its newest is called Amazon Locker. Basically, the company has added lockers around the USA where you can have products you’ve ordered shipped. For RVers — especially full-timers — it’s an easy, safe way to get Amazon orders without having to get permission from an RV park or other business. Learn more.

In search of the right BBQ grill
Greg Illes is a BBQ fan and is captivated by BBQ grills. For RVing he must have a grill. He’s spent years researching and shopping and trying out an array of portable BBQ grills. Find out what grill he is currently using and is happy with — until he figures out what’s wrong with it and starts shopping for the next one. Learn more.

del-545This week in history
Week of June 11-17
Compiled by Dell Bert

1846 — U.S.-Canadian border established.
1979 — John Wayne dies.
1982 — “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” is released.
1983 — Pioneer 10 departs solar system.
1986 — Richard Petty makes 1,000th start of his NASCAR career.
1987 — Reagan challenges Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.
2003 — Gregory Peck dies.

Reduce air drag and boost fuel efficiency — Airtab® your RV!
Airtab-logoJust peel and stick Airtabs™ to the rear sides and the rear roof of your RV coach or trailer to create swirls of air that reduce aerodynamic drag, save fuel and improve stability. Airtabs™ dramatically reduce trailer ‘fish tailing’ and crosswinds pressure to RVs from passing trucks, while improving fuel efficiency 2% – 5%! Click on the video.

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Put out your campfires — all the way out — folks. If not, they can come back to life, and that can cause forest fires!

RV Clubs
Here are some RV clubs from our extensive directory which you may be interested in:

Aliner Owners Club
“The mission of the Aliner Owners Club is to promote camaraderie among owners of our unique campers and to maximize our A-frame camping experience.” Ownership of an A-frame-style camper (not just Aliner) is required for membership. There are 12 regions covering the United States and Canada. “Friends don’t let friends use canvas.”

Wally Byam Caravan Club International
The Wally Byam Caravan Club International (named after the inventor of the Airstream) offers fun, fellowship and adventure for owners of Airstream RVs. The WBCCI is dedicated to fostering friendships and a passion for travel through a common interest in the Airstream lifestyle, offering caravans, rallies and activities through more than 122 local Units throughout the United States and Canada.

Family Campers and RVers
“Where strangers become friends and friends become family.” “If you like camping, fun and fellowship, you will love Family Campers and RVers. And all campers, regardless of type or brand of RV or tent or trailer, are WELCOME in Family Campers.” With chapters across the U.S. and Canada, and with a wide variety of programs.

Check out our Directory of RV Clubs and Organizations.

The New TireTraker™ TT-500 with a Lifetime Warranty
The new TireTraker™ TT-500 is the most innovative & user friendly TPMS on the market with an unprecedented “Lifetime Warranty”, the only TPMS company in the industry to do so. The TT-500 features a larger, easier to read display, continuous pressure & temperature monitoring, automatic update, & monitoring up to 22 tires on your motorhome, trailer & tow vehicle from 0-232 psi ! Seven day per week sales & technical support & over 12 years of experience. List price (4 tires) $389. Our price only $289. SAVE $100! (Additional Sensors $35 each). Learn more or order. Read testimonials.

Bumper sticker of the week
Thanks to Jennifer Hill from British Columbia for sending this in:
“Kids who hunt, trap & fish don’t mug little old ladies.”
(Fur Harvesters Auction Inc., North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Funny/clever business slogan
Seen on a plumber’s truck: “Don’t sleep with a drip. Call your plumber.” Thanks, KFK!

Have you seen a funny bumper sticker or business slogan? Send it to Diane(at)RVtravel.com

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 7_24_55 PMRV Parts
and Accessories

Give Dyers a try on your next purchase of RV parts or accessories. Large selection, great service, low prices and fast shipping. Visit our website.

Upcoming RV Shows
See the list of upcoming RV shows for 2016.

Websites of the Week
We like these websites. Check ’em out. More next week.

Screen shot 2014-06-26 at 2.58.50 PM

No more sewer smell in your RV
New roof siphon cap improves on old Shark Fin roof vents! No moving parts!
Are you fed up with smelling sewer odors in your RV? If so, the 360 Siphon is for you. Odors go up and out of your RV, not inside the living area. If RV manufacturers really cared about their customers they’d install these instead of cheap vents that simply cover your sewer vent, allowing odors to stink up your rig. Click the video to see how this works. Easy installation. Fits all RVs. Learn more or order.

Good reading from RV123.com 629-rv123
Florida’s Ochlockonee River State Park
The Half Hatchet
Which Generator is Best for RV Camping? (Video)

mirrors-746See what you’re towing easier!
With this highly rated clip-on extension mirror you’ll increase your field of view while towing your trailer or other vehicle. Dual ratcheting plastic mounting straps will fit most mirrors to 11 1/2″ high. Ratchet lock system allows for maximum clamping power to reduce vibration. Straps have rubber pads to protect your mirror. Fits most vehicles. Learn more or order.

rvshrinkAsk the RV Shrink

RV “Walsmarting”

Dear RV Shrink:
We are going to take our first major road trip with our new travel trailer. We bought it just for weekend camping but decided this summer we would go to Alaska. I read a lot of online RV forums, so I am aware of how many people use Walmart as overnight stops while traveling.

While planning our route from Ohio, I scheduled several Walmart stops during the first week of the trip while we are making time and doing big miles. I never realized how this part of the planning was going to freak out my wife. It seems so foreign to her. She had never heard of such a thing. She said, “If you call that camping, then count me out.”

How do I convince her that this is standard operating procedure in RV circles? —Walsmarting in Wooster

Read the Shrink’s response.

gray-tank-745Eliminate gray water
tank odors for less than $8

Gray water tanks can produce nasty odors, too. Using the latest technology in quick dissolving biodegradable tablets, Elemonate deodorizes your gray tank, freshens sink and drain lines and dissolves grease and organic sludge buildup in the drain lines of your sink and gray tank. Learn more or order.

mark522RV Tech Tips
from Mark Polk

How to clean rubber roofs on RVs
Rubber roofs on RVs should be cleaned three to four times a year and depending on where you park or store your RV, it may need to be cleaned more often. Regardless of the type of rubber roof you have, NEVER use any cleaners or conditioners that contain petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives or citrus ingredients. These types of cleaners can cause permanent damage to any rubber or vinyl surface. Most manufacturers of rubber roofs recommend you use a medium bristle brush and a non-abrasive cleaner.

For light cleaning you can use warm water and a mild detergent like Dawn dishwashing liquid. Hard-to-clean areas like stubborn stains caused by leaves, sap, mold or mildew may require a second treatment. Use caution to prevent the cleaners from getting on the sides of the RV. ALWAYS rinse the sides, front and back of your RV before and after rinsing the roof to prevent streaking or damage to the finish on your RV. NOTE: Anytime you are working on the roof of your RV exercise caution! A slip or fall could result in serious injury or even death.

Mark Polk is the owner of RV Education 101, the premiere source of educational DVDs about buying, maintaining and using an RV. Learn more.

gas-738Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel:
Regular unleaded gasoline: $2.38 (on June 6). Change from week before: Up 4 cents; Change from year before: Down 40 cents.
Diesel: $2.41 (on June 6). Change from week before: Up 3 cents; Change from year before: Down 48 cents.

Easy way to avoid damage from high voltage
Prime Products AC voltage line meter is the easiest, most inexpensive way to know if your RV’s voltage is safe. Just plug it into any power outlet. Gauge shows when power is too high or low, to help protect voltage-sensitive equipment such as air conditioners and computers. Red zone indicates voltage-sensitive appliances should be turned off to prevent damage. 
Learn more or order.

RV Travel Reader Pets dog and photographer - left
Do you travel with a pet? We’d love to introduce your pet(s) to fellow readers. Send a photo or two of Fido or Boots and a 150-200 word description of your furry friend(s), along with your name(s) and hometown to Diane(at)RVtravel.com .

Click here to see the last issue of RV Travel Reader Pets.

water-filter-677It’s Spring: Time to change your water filter!
Camco TastePURE Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector
This best-selling product reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine and sediment in drinking water with a 100 micron fiber filter. Its durable in-line, exterior mount filter has a wider body to increase flow. Use it at your campsite to keep sediment out of your RV water tank and to improve the taste and smell of your drinking water for a whole season. Many RVers consider this essential equipment. Learn more or order at a big discount.

janet1The RV Kitchen
with Janet Groene

Ole! Spanish Salad
A tot of sherry makes salads sing.

Subtle tweaks and tastes can turn a tossed salad into a dish with a “wow” factor. This one is special enough to stand on its own for a celebration lunch with nothing but peasant bread and a hearty cheese on the side. Try it with buttercrunch lettuce, romaine, iceberg, Boston lettuce. It’s the dressing and additions that give it the flamenco flavor. Get the recipe.

Check out hundreds of other recipes by Janet . . . and her many books at Amazon.com, including “The Survival Food Handbook,” coming very soon!


leveler-698Easy way to level your RV!
The RVtravel.com motorhome packs along two of these and, boy, are they handy! Camco’s RV Yellow Tri-Levelers are designed to raise the RV up to 3-7/8″ on any tire for a more level position. The lightweight levelers are durable and have a resin non-slip surface with a load capacity of 3,500 pounds. Learn more or order for a great price!

App of the Week

Chris-Guld-pic-for-RVTShare your location with Glympse
RVers are on the road a lot and frequently traveling to destinations unknown. It’s comforting to know that someone knows where you’re going, and if you make it. Many RVers like to have some tool that their adult children can use to know where they are. Some use Facebook, some send an email or call every day. And now some are using Glympse on their smartphones and loving it. Learn more in this article from Chris Guld of Geeks on Tour about this handy and free app.

Learn about smartphones and tablets
… every Sunday on a live webcast from Geeks On Tour. This Sunday’s topic is a beginner’s lesson on using the App Store or Play Store, plus more. Watch live or archives of past programs.

The special offer for RV Travel readers is back!
Become a member of Geeks on Tour and get a 20% discount. Click here.

Locate services at Interstate exits
The 2016 Next Exit is the most complete USA Interstate highway exit directory ever published for every exit of major and most minor routes. Find what’s located at upcoming exits on your route — gas, food, lodging, camping, shopping, hospitals, Wal-Marts and much more. A best-seller year after year. Learn more or order.

gary-736Ask the RV Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions

Repairing dripping bathroom faucets

Dear Gary,
How do you repair the bathroom faucets? I have a two-handle faucet in the bathroom that looks to be all metal and constantly drips. How and what do I replace?Mike R. , Richmond, B.C.

Read Gary’s response.

Read more from Gary Bunzer at the RVdoctor.comSee Gary’s videos about RV repair and maintenance.

fridge-fan651Keep your food cool
with this RV fridge fan
Every RV refrigerator should have one of these!
This small refrigerator fan from Valterra Products will help keep the food in your RV fridge cool and from spoiling. It cuts down initial cool-down time by 50 percent. Runs for more than 30 days on 2 D batteries. Don’t leave home without this!  Learn more or order from Amazon.com.

bob-d-med399Boondocking tips
with Bob Difley

Check for road closures before heading out
This year has been a year of heavy snowfall in some areas and with resultant heavy runoff. Before heading into your favorite forest this summer check with the local field office, regional ranger station, or online in the Forest Service’s recreational pages for your forest of interest then check for road closures. And don’t count on the short-staffed forest service to have clearly marked all the roads with blockages or closed blocked roads before you get to the blockage. Backing out from a blocked road will definitely not make your day.

You can find Bob Difley’s e-books on Amazon Kindle.

happy-camper-567Liquefy solid wastes in sewer holding tanks
Happy Campers Treatment liquefies solid waste and household tissue. It’s a natural formula that’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable, with no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. Basically, the good bacteria overtakes the bad bacteria to eliminate odor and accelerate the natural decomposition of waste. Because it is totally organic and odor free, you won’t be embarrassed by bad odors inside or when you dump. Learn more or order at Amazon.com.

Gadgets and Gizmos

dryfins-on-beach-RVT-746DryFins shorts prevent beach sand chafe
These chafe-free shorts can be worn all day, in and out of the water, through successive wet and drying periods, running in and out of the waves, with no beach sand irritation. Ideal for all male RVers on-the-go, whether rolling in the sand or body surfing – or both. Learn more.

tool-belt-746Basic tool bag can handle most fix-it jobs
You can make life a bit easier by keeping some standard fix-it tools in a canvas bag which you keep in a handy and easily accessible location inside your rig. When you need to do a simple repair or task it is easier to grab the bag than having to find the individual tools among many others in your outside tool compartment. Read more.

2016 Traveler’s Guide
to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States
Learn how to prepare, carry & transport your weapons during travel in all 50 states, Canada & Mexico. Includes state breakdowns of firearms ownership, semi-auto gun ownership, castle doctrine, right to protect, open carry, concealed carry, state and national parks, permit reciprocity, loaded vs. unloaded, interstate transport restrictions, traffic stops, universal restricted areas, motorhome and RV issues, preemptive local laws & more. Learn more or order.

laugh-667Joke of the week 
Three guys are stranded on a desert island. One day, they find a magic lantern containing a genie. The genie grants them each one wish. The first guy wishes he was off the island and back home. The genie grants his wish and poof, he’s back home. The second guy wishes the same thing and, poof, he’s gone, too. The third guy says, “I’m lonely. I wish my friends were back here.”

diesel-707Improve performance
of your diesel engine
Diesel Kleen + Cetane Boost is a highly rated, technologically advanced, diesel engine performance improver that cleans injectors, boosts cetane and lubricates fuel injection components. The maximum horsepower formula restores lost power, smooths rough-running engines and improves fuel economy up to 8 percent. Learn more or order.

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How to protect your home from burglars when away
RV Travel editor Chuck Woodbury talks with a police officer about how RVers can help protect their homes from burglars while traveling. Watch the video.

The top 5 mistakes RVers make and how to avoid them
Avoid these mistakes outlined by Mark Polk and save yourself some hassle and even expensive repair bills. Watch the video.

Weigh your motorhome by individual wheel position
Gary Bunzer explains why it’s important to weigh each wheel position of your RV. Watch the video.


Random RV Thought
People who commute alone by car to work 10 or 15 miles a day use far more fuel in a year than 95 percent of RVers in their RVs. Also, most RVers travel as couples —not alone as most commuters do, making the fuel cost per passenger far less than those commuters. People who drive to and from work every day and who don’t know anything about RVs think RVers are gas hogs. They should look in their mirrors. Oink!

burts-696-1mosquito-696Keep mosquitoes away with effective herbal spray
Few things will spoil a camping trip more than pesky mosquitoes. There are hundreds of repellents, but Burt’s Bees Herbal Insect Repellent is among the best, and free of DEET and other harmful chemicals. The pump spray’s active ingredients are: castor oil 10%, rosemary oil 3.77%, lemongrass oil 2.83%, cedar oil 0.94%, peppermint oil 0.76%, citronella oil 0.57%, clove oil 0.38%, geranium oil 0.19%. This stuff works and it’s safe. Learn more or order at a great price.

Americans drove a record 3.15 trillion miles last year, according to the Department of Transportation, beating the previous mark, set in 2007. So far this year, reports the New York Times, both travel and gasoline consumption are up again.


Essential for big RVs!
2016 Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas
If you drive a big RV — extra long or extra tall — then this truck driver’s road atlas will be a huge help in knowing where you can drive without encountering a low bridge or getting stuck hanging over a cliff. This is an essential aid even if you have a GPS! Coverage: United States, Canada, and Mexico. Learn more or order.

Worth Pondering
“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”Denis Waitley

Plugs into your 12-volt plug or cigarette lighter
Keep cool without air conditioning!
This 12-volt oscillating fan will really come in handy when you’re boondocking and can’t use your air conditioner or if it’s out of order. Or simply use the fan to cool off when you don’t want or need the full-blown AC. This fan gets great reviews, and you won’t believe the low price — especially when you consider that this fan oscillates! Learn more or order.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 7.42.17 PMReaders’ Birthday and Anniversary Greetings

Happy Birthday!
• June 14: To Micki from DrewHappy birthday my love! I may be a “grumpy old man” but I wouldn’t want to live life without you.
• June 17: To Drennen from RogerYou are the best co-pilot a man could ever have!  Happy Birthday, honey. Love you!

Happy (belated) Birthday!
• June 4: To Chris from Dad. Happy Birthday, stinky!
• June 7: To Viola from Jan and John. Happy 100th birthday, Mom!! We love you!!

Happy Anniversary!
June 11: To Diane from Wayne. Happy Anniversary, Honey!! Looking forward to another 34 years together!! (Let’s sell the house and become full timers!) Just kidding…. Love, Wayne
• June 11: To Queen Bee from Tommy Boy. 33 years today, my Queen. Looking forward to another 33+. ?
• June 13: To Trent Heinlen from Carol Heinlen. Can’t believe we are celebrating 62 years. A wonderful time with you. Love you.
• June 13: To Diana from Gene. Thanks for 52 of the best years of my life. Hope to have many more. Love, Gene
• June 14: To Jill Beth from Donnyboy. Thank you for 20 wonderful years!  Let’s have 20 more.  I love you.
• June 14: To Donnyboy from Jill Beth. You are my Blue Skies and my Sunshine, you bring Light and Love to my life. You complete me!
• June 15: To Pat from Jessie. To my wife on “Our” Special Day.  Thanks for 41 wonderful years.

Send your special someone a birthday or anniversary greeting.

RV Travel staff
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28 Thoughts to “RV Travel Newsletter June 11-17, 2016”

  1. Sharry in Texas

    Chuck, I’m so happy for you! I’ve “known” you since the very early days of Out West and know this has always been your dream. And it sounds like Gail is the perfect companion — so happy for you both! Happy Trails!

  2. dalefaye

    Best of luck to you and Gail. Happy travels. Couldn’t be happier for the two of you. It’s about time!!

  3. Rog

    I have been reading your newsletter for 12 years now…sometimes daily with the daily tips I have told hundreds of rvers..about RV travel, like having good information for my fellow RVers,full time now for 10 years keep up the good work thank you ROG, Deb…

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Rog, thanks for being such a long time reader!! We really appreciate it. We’ll keep doing our best to provide a weekly dose of useful information to RVers. — Chuck


    Hi Chuck,
    Been following your newsletter for about a year now. I pull a Lance TT, mostly weekend trips until I retire someday. Have learned a great deal from your site. I store my trailer at Snohomish Storage on Bickford, easy access off hwy 9. Great storage facility with its own dump station. Variety of parking options. Covered, not covered, paved, gravel etc. Very good security and so clean.

  5. Bruce Kidd

    Always great insightful writing from the pen , ,er , , ,keyboard ,
    of Chuck Woodbury. We started new but switched to used for superior equity reasons. Wouldn’t leave our DP though !! 28 great years , 2nd time around , for Rosemary and I .Wishing you all the best of life , a new love and the RV lifestyle can bring .
    Ridgeway ,Ontario ,Canada.

  6. Robert & Donna

    Chuck, congrats on the new Motorhome. Winnebago makes a superb product. We have a 2006 Winnebago Adventurer, 38 foot with 3 slides . We also bought used . Original owner specked out the unit with extras like 4 door fridge with ice maker, sleep number bed, washer/dryer combo, satellite dish, theatre surround sound system. We love our used unit. Purchased in 2012 and like you you said at 1/2 the original cost.

  7. Richard Stromatt

    It was very interesting to view the photos of my home town of Hawthorne, NV. We moved to Tennessee a year and a half ago, but still have family there. We tried full time RVing, but didn’t like it, bought a home here and will just do short time exploring. Love the magazine.

  8. Bill Moore

    Hi Chuck I live about 1 block from your office. I store my mh at 4528 164th sw Lynnwood $ 75.00 a month been there 14 yrs. my wife Bev Moore says hello to Gail let me know if you need more info. Bill Moore

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Hi Bill, thanks! You live a block from our office?? Come by after I get home. Would like to meet you. Do you have a contact person at the place where you store the RV that I could call? Email me at chuck@rvtravel.com .

  9. Glen Gieg

    Chuck, congrats on your like new motorhome. My brother has one just like it – great floor plan! Nice motorhome, great travel partner – what more could you ask for?

    Hit the road, keep writing, and we’ll all follow you via the newsletter.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Thanks, Glen. Yup, I’m a fortunate guy! — Chuck

  10. dick

    A great RV & a great woman……ya did good ! Drive on.
    God blessed you.

  11. Barb VanWinkle

    I had to laugh while reading the letter asking how to convince a wife that boondocking in WalMart parking lots is camping. Last year I met a guy who has been WalMarting for decades while I had never even been in a MH! (He’s 80; I’m 75). We went on a cross country trip lasting six months. He thinks WalMart camping is free. I know it costs more like $40 a stay because I get groceries, medications, clothing, kitchen utensils, books and music, etc. with the one-stop shopping. I was even able to get much of the Christmas shopping done before we got home. Almost always there are restaurants and hair salons within walking distance. I have learned to love it!

  12. Paulette Eby

    As a couple who went from a 29 ft class C to a 37 ft Class A with a slideout, I can tell you it makes such a difference in comfort. My husband loves the driving so much more, the large windshield makes driving on the highways much more relaxing. I love the fact that we don’t have to take turns walking in the RV or bumping into each other. As I am the early riser, I can just shut the sliding door to the bedroom and move around without waking up the sleeping bear! I just know you and Gail are going to love it. Wishing you “Happy Trails”.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Thanks, Paulette. Already, on our 10 day trip back home I am better understanding all you say. The extra space to move around without bumping each other and the ability to close the bedroom door make traveling much more enjoyable. — Chuck

  13. Rich , Judy & Amigo

    Hi Chuck & Gayle,

    We’re in our third year of ‘Fulltiming’ and wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.
    “Life is good” traveling this wonderful country..
    Have fun…

  14. suzanne

    We are still here Chuck, if you ever make it over here would LOVE to visit.

  15. Kathy Chigbrow

    I was so happy to read about your recent RV upgrade and your plans to hit the road with Gayle. I love reading your newsletter each Saturday morning.
    My husband and I are not ready to give up our nest but still love being on the road a good portion of the year.
    I look forward to hearing about your “full timer” adventures!

  16. Paula Thompson

    Congrats on your decision to go full timing. If you are anything like me, there were times when you wondered if you life would every be fulfilling (ie a partner and worry free life). I have it now. So happy you found Gail.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Thanks, Paula. Glad you found the life (and partner) you were yearning for. . . —Chuck

  17. suzanne

    Gee Whilikers!!! Chuck and Gayle – didn’t see this coming!!!! What an adventure ahead – the two of you are riding a high right now anticipating the changes, I bet. Been reading your newsletter starting with the paper one. We finally met outside Valley of Fire a couple yrs. ago. We were the couple from Port Townsend in the Navion who told you of our rollover in our Pulse.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Hi Suzanne — Yup, good times ahead for us, I hope. I remember well our meeting at Valley of Fire. I’ll never forget the photos of the devastation you experienced with your RV — it seemed a miracle you survived. Are you still in Port Townsend? Would love to catch up with you again. — Chuck

  18. Frank Mengel

    Congrates on the new RV. It is the same as our Itasca Suncruiser. We have done lots of “fixes” to make it boondock friendly, improve engine performance and noise, and improve handling. Be happy to share with you or others.

  19. David Scheeler

    Congratulations on the purchase of your Class A and the beginning of a new chapter in your and Gail’s life.

  20. Ted Leavitt

    Chuck….Congratulations on your new 2011 Adventurer. We have a 2013 Suncruiser the Itasca look alike….a 35P. I believe you have the same recessed cooktop situation and I want to caution you about flame spread on the bottom of your pots when cooking on the rear burners. I am attempting to copy and paste the details that I have posted on my FB Community site for Itasca Suncruisers and Winnebago Adventurers Owners page.

    Our Suncruiser 35P fits our needs very well and the workmanship is far superior to our previous RV. The range top is recessed a couple inches and has two pieces of corian that become a flush cover. There are 2 standard burners in the rear and a high output burner in front of the cook top. Flame spread from the bottom of pots on the rear burners is beginning to burn the finish on the vertical corian pieces beside both rear burners. It is not visible after 1 year, but the burning is evident to the touch.
    Our dealer acknowledges the burning and we have discussed some kind of heat shield, but I am waiting for a trip early in May back to the “Mother Ship” to see what Winnebago has in mind. See the image below. If you have a similar installation, how are the vertical pieces of corian holding up?
    May 16th discussion with Winnebago in Forest City……I am not the first to bring this issue to light. Winnebago has no plans to change the recessed design or add a heat shield at this time. Our intent was to express our concern and do not want our corian changed out at this point. Our solution is to place sacrificial pieces of corian covering the affected area while using the rear burners. A bevel on the lower edge resting on the cooktop keeps the piece standing vertical.
    Itasca Suncruiser & Winnebago Adventurer Owners’s photo….I cannot copy in the photo. Slide your hand along the vertical edges forward and aft of the rear burners to see if you are getting oxidation.

    1. Chuck Woodbury

      Ted, thanks for the advice of this. I’ll keep my eye out for the burning. Not good. –Chuck

      1. Jim Wedo


        I have been reading you magazine for about 12 months and have learned a great deal during that time. I want to send congrads on your Winnebago adventure 32 feet RV and just yesterday I toured the Winnebago plant in Forest City, Iowa and must say had a great experience. I visited a local deal there in Forest City and met with Jason who showed me a View I am thinking it is 24 feet a very nice rig and as a New person to looking at beginning to get into RV next year think that might be the rig to look at, I looking at the 24 J and G units. It will be a year before I start RV life but I wanted to say Congrads and I am glad you found Gail as she seems to really fulfill your life which makes the adventure of travel much more enjoyable together. I am sure you will enjoy the extra room in your new R.V.. Sincerely..Jim from Minnesota

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